Monday, January 18

Vitamin Seal...

Many of you have already seen this photo if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram. Taken last Friday, it's a shot of Hawaiian Monk Seal known as RN44. He's a 3 year male, living life on Kauai.  I love his facial expression...Think I was too close????  No worrries, I was no where near this seal, that's why I have a Nikon Cool Pix camera--no need to disturb the animal when you have great zoom capabilities. Let seals be!!!

I will give an update on Gracie tomorrow--it's been a tough month, but I think we're finally turning the corner with her and have the health issue identified.


  1. so glad Gracie is ok.. he is gorgeous and i love my nikon coolpix zoom

  2. He looks like he is smiling. Hugs to Gracie
    Lily & Edward

  3. Dang we need to get out Cool Pix out more! And what a beautiful model! Great shot!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. I love, love, LOVE this shot, Val!!!

  5. Beautiful creatures! Glad to hear Gracie seems to be doing better.


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