Tuesday, December 29

Public Service Announcement...

You may remember about 10 days ago we rushed Gracie to the vet, she was unable to walk, panting, white gums and very lethargic. I honestly thought she was going to die. We had all sorts of tests run, including full blood panel, ECG, and full body exam. All of these tests came back well within the normal ranges.  We were perplexed as to what was causing these scary symptoms.  Finding nothing the vet sent us home and requested we return 3 days later.  Gracie had another exam and blood pressure and heart rate monitored (the machines were not working correctly at the first visit) in addition we had full body x-rays. At this exam I would say Gracie was 95% back to her old self. The x-rays showed no concerns (by now she probably passed the problem) and she even thought her megasophagus was good. Wow, we continued to be puzzled.  We paid the bill and went home.

Why a Public Service Announcement??? Here's why!!  Today while searching social media I found this:

Seems these Milk Bone dental chews are causing some dogs to have the following reactions: lethargic, difficulty in walking, panting, loss of appetite.  Hmm... sounds familiar  doesn't it??

We had some of these chews--in fact I had given Gracie two of them within the last month. The first one was over 3 weeks ago. Gracie had some of the same symptoms but not as severe and I just thought she had a tummy ache. The 2nd treat was given a day or two before her emergency visit.  It wasn't until today that I realized the events were probably related.

 In my google frenzy, I found others that have given these to their dogs have had to have emergency surgery to remove the chew from the intestine, some have died!! The chew does not dissolve or breakdown--remaining a hard block of chew that blocks the intestine. It all makes some sense now. Gracie was evidently able to pass the chew...I think we got lucky not just once but twice!!  Now I'm not absolutely positive this was Gracie problem, but I'm not going to take any chances in giving anymore to her.

So if you have these chews beware!!

Today Gracie is 100% back to her sassy old self and we've destroyed these dental chews.



  1. Wow, very scary. Thank you for the warning. Hopefully MilkBone will address this and reformulate their dental chews.

  2. So glad she is all better and you found the cause. I had heard that about those chews so had not bought them. They should be pulled from the market!

  3. Wow that is super scary
    Lily & Edward

  4. Thanks for the info!! SO scary!!

  5. Yikes! Glad she is okay now! I avoid chews like that. I am not a fan of the ingredients and even though I know the Greenies are supposed to dissolve, I still won't give them to B. That's so scary. I wonder if that company will pull them off the shelves.

  6. Oh, so happy it was not worse!! That is scary!! This is a very important PSA!! So glad she is back to normal!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Oh, thank God she's OK! And thank you for the head's up! That is so incredibly scary. I'm glad you were able to figure it out.
    Please give her a hug for me!

  8. thank you so much for this info! these should be pulled from all stores! thank God Gracie is okay! hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  9. Val, thank you so much for sharing this scary info; I can't believe they are still being sold. So glad Gracie survived!

  10. Back in the days before blogging we always got MilkBones, but now we don't go near any of their products. We did win some of these a couple years ago and tried them, but never have bought them. So many good treats out there, no need to have dangerous products.

  11. And they're not being recalled??? Thanks so much for the heads-up! I am glad that Gracie is okay.


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