Sunday, September 13

Fall Roster Announced...

It is with great pride that we introduce our 2015 Fall Stuffie Team.  Earlier today, Schatzie and I were forced to choose our fall stuffie team. It was a difficult decision since we had 30 stuffies in our basket.  Mom said we had to reduce the team to half. I screamed HALF!!!!  So we nosed thru the basket and decided on the following sixteen. She was right, a few of the stuffies really did need to make the trip to the Stuffie Bridge. So they were wrapped carefully and will be picked up tomorrow by the big yellow truck. God Speed good and faithful stuffies you gave your all and we are truly grateful.

 In no particular order here is the Fall Team, freshly washed and dried;   Pink, Goofy, Mr. Bill, Ducky, Arnie, Ziggy, Ribbit, Ally, Penguin, Sock, Sid, Lamby, Raffy, Hedge and Choppy and Baby.

I know 16 is not half, but after some pleading mom gave into our Sweet 16 demand!!  Please note that Mr. Bill and Goofy are on the DL.  Mr. Bill has a  back injury and Goofy has lost his eyes. We were finally able to convince  mom that those two just couldn't leave the team yet despite their injuries. After all, they had made the trip from the mainland with us over two years ago and we couldn't bare to release them from duty--not yet!!

In case you are wondering why we had to reduce our Stuffie Roster.  Mom was reading Murphy and Stanley's mom's Facebook page today. Their mom said she was going to start reducing her "stuff" by one item a day. So my mom thought it was a great idea and decided to start her downsizing with our Stuffies! Why didn't she start with all her shoes?!?!?!? Guess she played the MOM card.  Wonder what great stuff mom will throw out tomorrow!!

Love, Gracie, Schatzie and the Sweet 16!!


  1. Hi Gracie'n Schatzie - our mom made us Beaglebratz due that last year. She sed sum had just bin uzed tue much'n need tue make the journey across the Stuffie Bridge then she sed there were still sum that had just bin "gently" uzed'n we didn't uze'em anymore so we sent thoze tue the local animal shelter fer the doggiez who had NO stuffiez (can't even imagine a life without stuffiez - the horror of it)
    BUTT - lookz like u ended up with a great stuffie team!
    Lord Shiloh'n Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

  2. Poor stuffies, first goes the eyes then the ears and the nose... A harsh reality but such is the life of a team stuffie member. :)

  3. Don't you worry Gracie.... Christmas is right around the corner... I am sure Santa will be bringing you some new stuffies... and if he doesn't you just give me a call.... :-)

  4. i can't believe it has been 2 years since you moved there. great idea to weed out the old and wounded. LOL

  5. You have a nice group of friends there
    Lily & Edward

  6. Our stuffies are sorted in playable, and need help. I think the need help pile should be tossed. Bailie is the only one who plays with them anyway!

  7. Your team looks too small to us BOL! Better keep an eye on your mom fur sure. Our mom got rid of a bedspread today.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Last month Lady reduced her stuff by one a day. Protect those stuffies!

  9. Shyla and R say that they'll gladly adopt any stuffies that need homes :)

  10. One item a day sounds like a good plan! Although, we would have mutiny if I started with the stuffies.

    Monty and Harlow

  11. We've been having difficulty with trying to comment on your blog (and others) the comment space appears blank. Not sure what is going on but by clicking on reply to a previous comment, it then appears.

    Oh no...Mr. Bill! So glad he is still there! How does your Mom get them so clean? Ours still look a little dirty and grungy even after washing.
    PS we're not allowed to take them oustside. But sometimes, nobody notices! BOL


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