Wednesday, April 8

Gilligan's Island Update...

Thought you might be interested in an update on the stranded sailboat and hooked seal.
 My morning began in rain gear and lots of brown dirt that quickly changed to brown mud when water was applied.  I did return to Moloa'a Beach to check for seals and the stranded boat. Checking several other places that are known for occasional seal appearances I found nothing, not one seal.  After nearly 7 miles of mud slogging, boulder hopping and checking beaches I called it a day and to my knowledge N44 (the seal) has not been found. The stranded boat was a bit more exciting.

With binoculars in hand I watched from across Moloa'a Bay as a couple boat salvage workers crawled about the boat. I could hear pounding and decided to get a closer look. Once near the boat I could see where a number of things had already been removed and placed on shore. It seems that the "pirates" have arrived.

These orange things---at first I thought maybe lifeboats, bumpers???

The anchor has been removed and various other lines and riggings, it was there yesterday

a large utility box full of nothing!!

if you look closely at the edge of the rocks you will see chains and the anchor and
 that white bag---don't know what's in there.

Suitcase with some swimwear, bottle opener and a battery charger!!
Never thought of putting a battery charger in my suitcase. Take a look at the light colored item to the right of suitcase--it's now mine. It a very large piece of  Hawaiian print fabric--think drapery material.  I gathered it up and decided to take it home and get it washed, if it was junk I wasn't out anything. Well, it is just perfect, no holes or wear. Now to figure out what to make out of it. The first thing I thought was all those matching outfits that Maria made out of those draperies in the Sound of Music, but I don't think hubby will go for that idea.  I'm thinking new curtains or dog bed covers!! So I guess I'm a "pirate" of sorts--I just didn't take it off the boat, it was on the rocks on the shore. 

here's my new treasure

Arrr matey (working on my pirate  talk!!) til next time.


  1. it is a beautiful piece of material and all this makes me wonder what the heck happened to get that boat stranded there... it was hard to look at the boat and material because my eyes kept going the the SKY over that BLUE water

  2. Wow that is crazy. Wonder what happened to the owners. Love the fabric. Good find
    Lily & Edward

  3. We think you should get an eye patch!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. It would be interesting to know some of what led up to the sailboat getting beached there. Hopefully it's not some nice person or couples sail around the world dream retirement gone sideways!

  5. Where are the owners of the boat? That's what I would want to know.


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