Wednesday, April 15

Happy BIRTHday Little one!!

Born sometime Wednesday morning, I give you RK13 and her pup PK1. PK1 is short for Kauai Pup #1 and will be referred to as that until pup is weaned and tagged in 6-7 weeks.  Photo credit given to Gary Langley, lead volunteer at the pupping venue. I plan to visit the site on Friday and take photos. So any guesses as to the gender??? 

                                             Happy BIRTHday little one!!

Stacking Rocks....

This stack of rocks is called a cairn. They are found all over the island and the world. I  plan to take more photos and share. Have you seen them in your neck of the woods??

Tuesday, April 14

and we wait...

poor Momma RK13 has not pupped we wait
 maybe tomorrow...

 albatross chick continues to wait also...
the response team waited for RN44 to haul out and
were successful at dehooking him last friday

seems we do lots of waiting.

Monday, April 13

If you need me....

you'll find me here.....checking for the arrival of our newest Monk Seal pup.
Hoping today is the day.

Sunday, April 12

No pup yet...

I was out on the Monk Seal Trail early saturday morning in hopes of finding a little black bundle of fur nuzzled up to RK13, but as luck would have it there was no new pup, maybe tomorrow.  All was not lost, as I encountered a couple other treasures. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a little bit of Kauai with me.
Honu out resting before his day at sea.

lots of aerial activity today
Look close, there's TWO seals. The larger one is our expectant Momma RK13 and the 'smaller"
 seal is RV18 an adult male. This shot shows just how big our Momma K13 is.
making her way to the water line for a cool down
Sweet Albatross Chick waiting for his/her next meal.
Parents are out to sea gathering food and can be away for a number of days, leaving the chick all alone.
Kicking back, enjoying the moment.
Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.
Ya'll come back now, ya hear.

Saturday, April 11

Lots of News.....

Wanted to give you a quick update on a couple items.

# 1 the hooked seal known as RN44 was captured today and the hook was removed. Seal is doing fine! At dark he was resting near the area he was captured.   Three cheers for the team that worked diligently to find him and removed the hook.

#2 The ship wreck is being removed from the reef by a salvage company. The boat did not have anyone on it when it run aground. Lots of rumors and speculation concerning this vessel.

The following info that was on line concerning this vessel:

$185,600 price tag to remove stuck Kauai boat

Posted: Apr 07, 2015 3:14 PM HST Updated: Apr 07, 2015 3:14 PM HST
    • Image: DLNRImage: DLNR

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) has hired a contractor to remove a 55' ketch, Kikimo, which ran aground in a secluded area on the reef at Moloaa Bay on Kauai on April 1.
DLNR boating division staff were able to remove the hazmat from the vessel. Division of Aquatic Resources staff also went out to assess any damage to the reef.
“We appreciate the help of community members to remove items that were in the water and bring them to shore,” said Joe Borden, DOBOR Kauai district manager.
Marine salvage contractor Sea Engineering assessed the situation at Moloaa on Saturday. The plan was to pull it off the reef and tow it to safe harbor. However, after their inspection of the vessel, boating officials were concerned it would break up just makai of the reef, causing even more damage, and spreading debris all along the shoreline and reef. The contractor will instead cut up the boat into pieces for removal by helicopter and disposal. Work with the helicopter should start on Wednesday. Cost of the removal is estimated at $185,600.
The mooring permit of the last known registered owner, Paul Wild, expired January 31, 2015. The vessel was then illegally moored at the Keehi small boat harbor and left Keehi around mid-March. It later experienced difficulties with the new rigging, and the motor, which eventually ran out of fuel. The vessel was able to sail to a few miles east of Hale O Lono harbor on Molokai, where it was anchored and left unattended for a few days. When the owner returned to the anchor site with fuel, it had apparently broken free or dragged its anchor. It's believed the vessel drifted for about a week towards Kauai until it ran aground.
Since 2002, DLNR/DOBOR has paid in excess of $1.3 million from the boating special fund (derived from boater user fees, permits, etc.) to remove grounded, abandoned and derelict boat from Hawaii's nearshore waters.
DLNR will seek reimbursement from the boat owner.
Copyright 2015 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.

This is what the boat looked like this afternoon.
such a difference from Mondays photos

tools of destruction
cutting away


large tarp type bags holding debris waiting for removal by helicpoters
 and finally the biggest news!!
This is a female seal known as RK13 and she's ready to PUP or POP!!  Outward signs indicate that her black ball of fur should arrive in the next couple days. I am headed to the beach early in the morning to see if the birth has occurred!! 
look closely and you will see she is blind in the left eye

big momma

soon Big Girl, soon!!

That's all for to the beach in a few hours!!

Wednesday, April 8

Gilligan's Island Update...

Thought you might be interested in an update on the stranded sailboat and hooked seal.
 My morning began in rain gear and lots of brown dirt that quickly changed to brown mud when water was applied.  I did return to Moloa'a Beach to check for seals and the stranded boat. Checking several other places that are known for occasional seal appearances I found nothing, not one seal.  After nearly 7 miles of mud slogging, boulder hopping and checking beaches I called it a day and to my knowledge N44 (the seal) has not been found. The stranded boat was a bit more exciting.

With binoculars in hand I watched from across Moloa'a Bay as a couple boat salvage workers crawled about the boat. I could hear pounding and decided to get a closer look. Once near the boat I could see where a number of things had already been removed and placed on shore. It seems that the "pirates" have arrived.

These orange things---at first I thought maybe lifeboats, bumpers???

The anchor has been removed and various other lines and riggings, it was there yesterday

a large utility box full of nothing!!

if you look closely at the edge of the rocks you will see chains and the anchor and
 that white bag---don't know what's in there.

Suitcase with some swimwear, bottle opener and a battery charger!!
Never thought of putting a battery charger in my suitcase. Take a look at the light colored item to the right of suitcase--it's now mine. It a very large piece of  Hawaiian print fabric--think drapery material.  I gathered it up and decided to take it home and get it washed, if it was junk I wasn't out anything. Well, it is just perfect, no holes or wear. Now to figure out what to make out of it. The first thing I thought was all those matching outfits that Maria made out of those draperies in the Sound of Music, but I don't think hubby will go for that idea.  I'm thinking new curtains or dog bed covers!! So I guess I'm a "pirate" of sorts--I just didn't take it off the boat, it was on the rocks on the shore. 

here's my new treasure

Arrr matey (working on my pirate  talk!!) til next time.

Tuesday, April 7

more from Gilligan's Island....

 Just sit right back
and you'll hear a tale.
A tale of a fateful trip,
that started from this tropic port
aboard this tiny ship......
yes, this sign is near one of the homes on the beach!!
This is the actual beach the pilot for Gilligan's Island was filmed.
The ship set ground on the shore
of this uncharted desert isle.
the salvage begins---ropes being removed by beach goer

Okay since you now have the theme song from Gilligan's Island
running in your head, I'll tell you the rest of the story.
We have a small male seal that is hooked and so I joined other volunteers in hopes of  finding and dehooking him. One of my areas to survey was Moloa'a Beach. This is the beach that was used in the pilot of Gilligan's Island. Can you imagine my surprise when I found this sailing vessel  stranded on the reef. Instantly the Gilligan's theme song popped into my head.  The boat has been on the reef about 1.5 days. There are no identifying marks on the boat or if there were they have been covered up. So, it appears the boat was abandoned possibly for the insurance money. Guess only the owner knows for sure.  In the near future, I'm sure this vessel will be stripped of all worthy parts. It will be interesting to see how salvage efforts progress!
Unfortunately, the seal was not located and we will search again tomorrow.
All right here on Gilligan's Isle!!!

Saturday, April 4

Monk Seal Easter Egg Hunt...

Look, I found an Easter Egg!!!
10 month old  female Hawaiian Monk Seal known as RF30