Thursday, March 19

when Sit Happens....

Last Thursday, I came upon a hit and run motorcycle accident that closed the ONE, (yes, I said ONE) road to and from my job for over 4 hours. I was caught in the traffic for over an hour as they were investigating the accident. While waiting, a pickup truck passed me on the right with a dog in the pickup bed. Dogs traveling in the back of pickups is a common occurrence here. I don't approve of this action for a number of reasons, but unfortunately it happens. Please, no lectures on how horrible this practice is....I know!!   I had to chuckle at this dog and his attitude.....yes, SIT happens!!

Wednesday, March 11

More mail....

We got more mail today.......
I recognize the return address---smells like Florida

oh we love these treats

Schatzie...Do you need me to help Gracie??

No, I don't need any help

Look Florida Gramma , I opened it all by myself!!

Thanks for the treats Gramma

Tuesday, March 10

We got mail....[See Beautiful]

Yesterday mom took us to the post office to pick up a special delivery from our pal Goose.  He's one special pup and he just celebrated his 15th birthday. If you've not been over to his blog you gotta do it now. Click on  GOOSE to take you right to his blog.

Back to the package...Like I said, Goose just celebrated his 15th birthday. Hey, do the math, that's a lot of people years!! Anyhow, his mom gave everyone that left a birthday greeting on his blog this great party favor. Do you see's a license plate frame reminding us to all to {SEE BEAUTIFUL}!! Goose and his MOM help lots of peeps [See Beautiful] everyday. They have to be some of the most selfless peeps we know. Always putting others first, they are a great example of beautiful and love.
If you'd like to know more about the {See Beautiful} movement, click HERE. They do lots of amazing things for women and children.

Many thanks to our buddy Goose and his MOM for this awesome reminder to [SEE Beautiful]
 Hey Goose, may you have at least 15 more birthdays!!  We love you.

Your pals in Hawaii,

Gracie and Schatzie :)

Monday, March 9

Weekend Warrior Challenge...

Schatzie here.....
This past weekend mom was in a FitBit "Weekend Warrior" step challenge with a couple mainland friends. I was extremely excited when mom grab my leash on Saturday afternoon and loaded me in the car. My job...step challenge buddy!!  This was my first big boulder walk since my surgery last November. I was a perfect pup staying right by mom's side as we explored the coast of east Kauai. Our walk lasted about an hour. I was pooped when I got home, but it was a delightful time. Here's some photos.....

This way mom??

Look mom, nobody's on the beach

time to cool off...

down here mom
feels so good...

over here mom, I'm resting by this log

Shake, shake, shake!!

Pick up the pace mom, we wanna win this challenge

Feeling good

looking good...
Headed home
I'm thirsty and we're both pooped
Thanks for taking me boulder hopping mom. I'm going to take a nap now...K

Love, Schatzie

From Val: this was Schatzie's  first big outing since her surgery in November. She does a 2 mile walk every morning and a shorter walk in the evening. This walk was over uneven terrain and some boulder hopping and of course some water exercise.  We took it easy and she did great. Loved having her by my side.