Saturday, January 10

What's in the bag...

If you read yesterday's post you saw that  I once again went to the beach. Now I know some of you are thinking, gosh she sure goes to the beach a lot. Well yes and no, you see my treks to the beach during the week are "work" related. I am a volunteer for NOAA and do weekly beach surveys to monitor the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal. So those adventures do not include a beach umbrella, towel, beach chair or a cooler full of drinks and snacks. The gear is a bit different. My goal yesterday was to cover 3 beaches on foot.  I gathered my gear and hit the trail.

 As I was watching the beautiful waves on the north shore of Kauai, I glanced down and  realized  I'm a walking advertisement for several industries. Items include: #1 Binoculars from Cabela's  a must for identifying a seal from an appropriate distance, #2 a camera (Nikon) with a good zoom. See #1 for justification :) #3 Water bottle, this one is from HydroFlask (best water bottle ever) no warm water for me. #4 the day pack (Outdoor Products) Inside that pack is: cell phone, personal identification, pen, seal id book, seal cards, sunscreen, extra camera battery, money, car keys, snack, lip balm and bandaids!! Yes, that's all in that blue bag!!

Being a volunteer doesn't pay well (not paid one cent) but the benefit package sure is priceless. I get to see parts of Kauai that many folks only dream about. Take a look at what I captured and experienced yesterday.
Surfer headed to the waves

cool rock cairn

another surfer

a freshly molted Hawaiian Monk Seal hiding in the bushes

a honu basking in the sun

Laysan Albatross over head

opihi shell collection

nesting albatross incubating her precious egg

the waves
I'd say I had a pretty good "Pay Day"!!

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for endorsing any of the above products, they just happen to work for me.


  1. LOL - I knew it was part of your "job" but I didn't realize that it was all volunteer. That's pretty neat!

    Monty and Harlow

  2. your pay is the satisfaction of making a difference to those critters out there. and all that beauty you get to see for free at the same time... that is a lot of pay to me... like that last shot of The Wave... wow and another wow on the Albatross... just seeing the seals is enough pay for me

  3. Wow, I would volunteer too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. The benefit package seems very generous, great pictures! Looks like you've bonded well with your new Nikon.

  5. I guess the only down side would be sunburn if you forget the sunscreen. Looks beautiful!


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