Monday, January 5

Gloomy to Glorious

The past few days have been rather cool here on Kauai (at least by Hawaii weather standards) We've had lots of wind rain and cooler temps, even some SNOW on the Big Island.  So there's been some of us running around in jeans and winter type coats. I however, have yet to succumb to wearing long pants(jeans) a coat yes, but no long pants.  Wanted to share a few photos of the past couple days.

Isn't this a beautiful rainbow?? Taken a short distance from our home during my morning walk with the Girlz.  If you look closely you can even make out the 2nd rainbow.
This second photo is of the same view as the first shot minus the rain clouds and rainbow
Now look, same shot zoomed in....LOOK at those waterfalls!!! Amazing. The mountain range behind our house was just dripping with all sorts of these beautiful waterfalls. Guess a little gloom produces some glorious water faucets.
Sunday afternoon I took a quick drive and short hike to Ho`opi Falls.  Nice place to spend a sunny sunday afternoon.
 So tranquil....
Gracie is hoping for more sunshiny days so she can sleep in the sun puddles.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! It is SO beautiful there!! I just love the rainbow picture! Happy New Year!!

  2. Gracie, I feel exactly the same way. Except you aren't green with envy like me - you are already at that beautiful island. Seriously, Kauai is magical and I can't believe it's been two years since we vacationed there. I love seeing your photos for reminding me of how lovely it is there.

  3. We will take your cool over the -27 C it is here today! teehee! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  4. I'll take gloomy any day in Kauai
    Lily & Edward

  5. Gotta love those waterfalls!

    Cool in Hawaii? It's got to be better than the 10 degrees it is here.

  6. Real nice group of pictures, I'll take your wet windy weather any day... At least the rain and wind is warm! We have the same wind and rain thing happening over here on the West Coast of Canada only it's 35° cooler.

    Ho`opi Falls looks like a nice place to explore!

  7. Yep, looks pretty much like what I saw on our walk this morning...yep...well, at least if that rainbow was here it would freeze in place until March so we could look at it for a long time ;)

  8. I gotta call 9-1-1 cuz mom said you took her breath away!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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