Tuesday, November 25

Staples and Laser...

Schatzie had her 3rd post op appointment today. They removed the remaining 7 staples and administered another laser treatment. The Doctor is pleased with her progress and noted the her left rear leg is now bearing her full weight. Yay Schatzie!! We still need to be cautious with all of her activity as the knee will not be fully healing for another 6-7 weeks. 
We can now begin short walks ( on leashh of course) This will make her HAPPY! 
I think I will now be able to sleep in a regular bed again. WooHoo. 

The first photo shows Joey the office cat in the hallway....he rules the roost!! 

Schatzie getting her laser treatment.


  1. You go, Schatzie!!

    Bart, Ruby and Otto

  2. Thank goodness for modern veterinary medicine! Not that many years ago dogs with Schatzie condition would have gone untreated or been put down way before their time...

  3. Great news... so happy for all of you.. happy walking Schatzie

  4. We are so happy it is all going so well, so far! Hope it keeps progressing well and in two months, life will be pretty much back to normal!

  5. That's news to be thankful for. Way to go Schatzie!

  6. It's good to hear she is recovering well. Slow and steady on those walks for a while.


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