Friday, November 21

One Week Post Surgery

Today marks one week since Schatzie's  canine cruciate ligament surgery. This past week Schatzie has had 2 laser therapy sessions, 2 adequan shots, multiple hot/cold packs and countless flexion and extension exercises. So far we have all survived and she is healing nicely. They removed the stitches today and will take the staples out at the next appointment. Still the most difficult task has been trying to keep a German Shepherd somewhat quiet. I am sure that situation will grow increasingly more difficult as she continues to heal. With a little luck I will be sleeping in a bed again soon, that pad on the floor seems to be getting thinner or maybe I'm just getting older!!
So here's my girl enjoying sometime on the lanai after her therapy session earlier today.


  1. Glad it is going well. Continued prayers for her and for you as well. I am sure the pad is just getting thinner. That is one beautiful photo of her.

  2. They say a picture is worth a thousand words... That's one content looking dog you have there, glad to hear all is going so well with Schatzie's recovery!

  3. Schatzie looks AMAZING.... guess nurse Gracie is doing her part. <3

  4. we only had to sleep on the floor 2 days, we split the night, me the first half, bob the second. hope you get in your bed soon and praying now for a quiet spirit for Schatzie

  5. On the bright side she isn't a young pup which will keep her slower but it will still be hard once she feels better. Time will pass and before you know it, she will be healed and things will be normal again. Hope you get back to bed soon!

  6. Ah, she's feeling good! It is gonna be really hard to keep her quiet!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Schatzie, we're glad you're improving. Now calm down!!


  8. We're sending get well wishes your way!


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