Saturday, July 26

the end of a week and beginning of a weekend...

Our routine of late has been to spend Friday evenings at Hanalei Bay. On of the benefits of hanging at the bay are the beautiful sunsets that evolve. Last night we would not be disappointed. The colors were magnificent. Not a bad way to end the day and start the weekend. Hope your weekend is filled with color.


Wednesday, July 23

Proof.......You don't need a big boat

to catch a BIG fish!!

 The crew of 3---all smiles!!
 421.6 pounds
 9 foot in length
The crew, the 17 foot Boston Whaler and the Marlin

This marlin was caught during the North Shore Fishing Tournament last weekend. It weighed in at 421.6 pounds and was 9 feet long. It was landed by a crew of 3 and hauled along side the 17 foot Boston Whaler boat to the Hanalei Pier. Fish is so big it wouldn't fit in the boat.

I know my dad and sister would have been thrilled to have landed this bad boy.  I'd say this fish was a keeper and makes for a great fish story. Congrats to the crew!!

Sunday, July 20

Snippets from the Bay...

Dear Diary,
I'll take sitting by the bay over shopping at the mall absolutely any day.
Love, me


Saturday, July 12

What's not to love.....

Spent nearly 2 hours watching this little monk that is
indeed full of spunk!!