Friday, June 6

Are you a Mother of Nature??

My friend Kim posed this question to her blog readers the other day and this post is definitely worth the read.  Her question indeed got me pondering!!

Am I  a "Mother of Nature"??

I would have to admit that I am a "Mother of Nature". I have always been concerned about the environment.  I think living on a small  island in the middle of the Pacific you become even more aware of Mother Nature and the need to take care of her. As my good friend Teri on Molokai would say....We must "Malama Our Momma"~~~that's Hawaiian for Take Care of Mother Earth!!

 Several years ago we gave up using those plastic bags (plastic bags are banned on Kauai and Maui County) and now use the cloth bags for shopping.  I spend time while seal monitoring picking up various debris that is left at the beach not to mention all the "stuff" that just floats ashore. The plastics I find just make me sad, knowing that so many birds, turtles and other wildlife gather these colorful pieces believing that it's food to feed to their hungry offspring. Scientists have found  dead animals/birds with their bellies filled with  these harmful plastics.

We gave up using the plastic water bottles a few years ago. Oh how I hate seeing those bottles on the beach. Shortly after our weekend trip to Molokai we invested in Hydro Flask bottles. Speaking from experience, these are the BEST bottles ever. They not only are attractive, they keep your drink icy cold for hours. Believe me, I have put the bottle to the test while monitoring seals for hours. There is nothing better than a cold drink after sitting in the hot sun for hours.

My newest change is  To Go-Ware, a  reusable bamboo tableware--to reduce my "fork print".  I am looking forward to stashing this in my bag and grabbing it while at work or the beach instead of the dreaded white plastic "silverware"  Thanks to my sister for getting me a set for my recent birthday.

These are only a few of the things that we do here in our about you??
Are you a Mother of Nature??? Share the sort of recycle, reuse, and reduce things you do.
Don't forget to read Kim's Blog!!!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for endorsing any of the above mentioned products. The opinions are my own and just wanted to share.

Saturday is Ocean Awareness Day...going to hit the beach and do a little clean up!
Hope your day is awesome.

Val :)


  1. I try to do things to help Mother Nature, but sometimes feel I should be doing more. We have moved to mostly natural products. We recycle. We use cloth bags for shopping. We are slowly replacing all the plastic in our house with glass and metal. Now, we do always have a case of water in the house (for emergencies). I will continue to look for small ways to help!

  2. We do recycle and try to leave as little of a footprint as possible. We are sad to see how careless people can be!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Good reminders about something that I also feel strongly about. I'd not thought about silverware, but we do have and love those water bottles, and because we're on well water, I think it's better than what you can buy, especially when it's cold.

  4. Great post Val!
    That bamboo tableware is a great idea, I'll be willing to bet it really catches on in the near future.

  5. i save every and any thing that can be re used as something else, any plastic containers are used for storage, i never buy anything plastic, just use what would be thrown away... have not heard of the bamboo tableware... looks perfect for what you do... we have recycle pickup service from the city for paper, glass and aluminium cans, but they only have to pick up from her about every 2 months because we don't get paper or cans.

  6. I'm definitely a Mother of Nature. I do stuff around the house but I expend the most energy on trying to keep our forest safe and pristine. It sometimes feels like a hopeless battle (calling the authorities when people are destroying things or doing other bad stuff) but it's worth it. Then, at the end of the summer, the Runner and I go clean up campsites. You wouldn't believe how much trash people leave behind.

  7. Hi Val, thanks for sharing how you Malama our Momma. I just returned last night from Molokai. Upon unpacking my cooler, I discovered I left the spoon and knife of my To-Go Ware in dish drying rack in the Visitors' Quarters' kitchen. Gah! At least, my HydroFlask made it home with me;-) Keep up the good work, my friend.

  8. I agreed with you 100%. Often I have seen some trash on the trail from my hiking trip. Most of those trash are not from the island, and it has to be brought in from the tourist. I wish there's a sign post in the airport to educated the tourist about this problem. C U in 2 days...

  9. Love love love this post. So sad and true about the plastics! Thanks for sharing these ideas. I'll look for the bamboo silverware, it's a great idea!


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