Tuesday, March 25

I know, I know....

I know it's been a rather long time since my last post and I apologize. Life just ate me up. We had dear friends from the mainland here for 10 days, so I had to play!!  I've also been dealing with some life issues that included headaches, heart beating out of my chest (or at least it felt that way) hot flashes and cold flashes and not to mention insomnia!!!  My mom has reassured me that no woman has ever died from these issues, I just need to learn to deal with them and going to the beach sure helps!

Anyhow, today I spent the day at the beach monitoring our newest Kauai Monk Seal.  He's not a baby, just a juvenile that just arrived last Friday, presumably from the nearby island of Ni'iheau.  He is a cutie and wowed the tourists today with his sweet face.  So I leave you with some shots of our newest Kauai resident---male seal tagged 4DD/4DU approximately 1.5 yr.

P.S. big shot out to new monk seal fans from Texas and Florida. Thanks for helping to take down the SPZ and for sharing the Monk Seal Story. God Bless you all!!!

 Dare you not to say awww.............

So how many times did you say it???
Happy Hump Day!!
Be back soon.


  1. Love them - nice to meet 4DD.
    Have you ever noticed that the weaners and juvenal seals seem to always have a puka on the bottom of their bottom lip. Eels ?

  2. I didn't win the dare...I said awww for ever picture. So sweet and beautiful.

  3. Now that is such a sweet little face!

  4. i have to say these photos actually brought tears to my eyes. what ever beyond adorable is, this is it.
    sorry to hear you are having the curse of being a woman.... i thought mine would kill me but i did survive. and i was NOT blogging back then

  5. Beautiful. Mom missed her Hawaii fix
    Lily & Edward

  6. Hi Val, I wanted to reassure you that the racing heart is also a sign of menopause. Unfortunately, I didn't know that when I was going through it and got put on a medication that I was one for 12 yrs-my primary didn't know it either. I just got taken off the medicine and I'm so thankful because for years, I was told that once you were on it, you had to stay on it. There are some great books out there about this season-email me if you'd like the title.
    This pup is so adorable. One month from now, I'll be on your island-can't wait.
    Have a good day and try to relax, stress plays a huge part in hot flashes too.

  7. Hope you feel better soon. when I don't eat gluten, those types of symptoms disappear in my life.
    Love the seals!

  8. HUGE AH :-)
    We had so many babies washed up after all the storms of the Winter. Some were lucky, rescued, fed and are now being released again. Always good to see them slip and slide their way back to where they should be :-) x

  9. Very cute! Can't wait to get back Kauai in June for more adventures, and pictures!


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