Thursday, March 27

Aloha Friday!!

Wishing you all a Happy Aloha Friday!!

Taken at Hanalei Bay this past Wednesday, Prince Kuhio Day!

Tuesday, March 25

I know, I know....

I know it's been a rather long time since my last post and I apologize. Life just ate me up. We had dear friends from the mainland here for 10 days, so I had to play!!  I've also been dealing with some life issues that included headaches, heart beating out of my chest (or at least it felt that way) hot flashes and cold flashes and not to mention insomnia!!!  My mom has reassured me that no woman has ever died from these issues, I just need to learn to deal with them and going to the beach sure helps!

Anyhow, today I spent the day at the beach monitoring our newest Kauai Monk Seal.  He's not a baby, just a juvenile that just arrived last Friday, presumably from the nearby island of Ni'iheau.  He is a cutie and wowed the tourists today with his sweet face.  So I leave you with some shots of our newest Kauai resident---male seal tagged 4DD/4DU approximately 1.5 yr.

P.S. big shot out to new monk seal fans from Texas and Florida. Thanks for helping to take down the SPZ and for sharing the Monk Seal Story. God Bless you all!!!

 Dare you not to say awww.............

So how many times did you say it???
Happy Hump Day!!
Be back soon.

Wednesday, March 5

A few words....

I know a lot of folks really enjoy going to museums and doing fine art stuff.
 Don't misunderstand me, nothing wrong with museums and etc.
Me, well I would rather sit and watch nature's fine art in the outdoor arena.

I sat and monitored RK13 resting on a Kauai Beach for 4 hours yesterday. My shift consisted of moving her seal protection zone as necessary and educating folks that stopped by to see her.  I am so blessed to be able to be a part of helping to preserve this critically endangered animal.
as a volunteer I too, MUST adhere to the strict rules of no contact with these seals.
 My photos are taken with a long range zoom camera.

Yesterday while retrieving the mail, these spinner dolphins caught my attention. They were swimming a hundred yards off shore leaping and spinning. I can only imagine the delight of the stand up paddler and kayaker!! What a thrill to be so close and the dolphins seemed to
 enjoy the company as well.
This was maybe 1/3 of the dolphins involved, an incredible scene.
Yes, this is my kind of Fine Art Museum!!
Happy Wednesday.