Thursday, January 30

The Scouting Team...

For the past week Schatzie and I have been on the scouting team with mom. We've been on the lookout for a monk seal known as R018.  He's in the process of molting and everyday mom goes out to find him.  This morning mom found him high up in the vegetation and straddled among the rocks. Now don't worry, we are not allowed off leash during our scouting and we are very careful as to not disturb any seals. We just locate them and then mom rushes us home for our breakfast!!  A car ride, a walk and breakfast now that's what a call a good start to the day.
Here we are in the Seal Mobile!!!  BOL
Molting is a very stressful time for the seals. They just feel yucky and don't wanna do much.
See how far he was away from the water and he looks just like one of the rocks.
 A little more old skin to fall off and then he'll be just like new!!
Notice the flip flops...those aren't mom's or R018's, someone just left them at the beach. Besides everyone knows seals don't wear flip flops!!

 Later this afternoon he went down to the waterline for a quick cool down and then
played a game of peek.
 Pretending he's a snowplow!!!
(He's using the sand as a loofah to get rid of that old dead skin)
 at the end of the day R018 had made his way back up into the vegetation,
safe from the crashing waves.
Stay safe R018, stay safe!!
gracie :)


  1. this is very interesting, learning new things about the seals... and the two of you in the seal mobile is pricelesss

  2. Poor guy - looks painful! How long does it take for them to shed?

    Monty and Harlow

  3. Glad you girls found him! That looks like it would hurt, the molting thing. I hope he's ok.
    Hey, Gracie! Did you get to drive?!!?
    Play bows,

  4. What fun hanging with mom and the seals.did you find anything good in the vegetation?

  5. Send the flip flops to the tree Lady saw in the Caymans. We hope the seal feels better soon. He looks sad.

  6. I can't believe how well he blends in with the rocks, it would be easy to walk right by and not see if one wasn't paying attention!

  7. We saw seals all the time on the North Sea, but never saw them so far away from the water, or molting.

  8. Fabulous shots and grat info. Thanks!


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