Sunday, December 15

A Hanalei Day...

Yesterday hubby and I went to the North Shore to witness the BIG WAVES! We were not disappointed. They waves were huge and we enjoyed watching the experienced surfers zooming across the huge waves.  Now since we're just beginners to life on the waves we opted to paddle our long boards up the Hanalei River--the water's flat there!!
Before we ventured up the river we witnessed a beautiful site on the shores of Black Pot Beach.  We saw dozens of folks clad in bright red t-shirts that had  K.O.R.E  stamped in the front. Wandering around the beach, I found that K.O.R.E stands for Kauai Outdoor Recreation Experience.  This group allows for those with special needs and their families to enjoy a day at the beach under the supervision highly skilled individuals that include physical therapist, lifeguard and firemen. We saw all ages surfing (most doing much better than me), some were snorkeling others were building sand castles. The most impressive site was all the empty wheelchairs on the beach. Freedom from the restraints of their life in those chairs--at least for a short time. I loved hearing their laughter and the smiles were enough to make you tear up. I want to say Mahalo to all those involved with this program, indeed they are enabling those with disabilities to enjoy Kauai's beautiful ocean and SURF!!  If you'd like to know more about this program click on K.O.R.E

 A truly beautiful day on Hanalei Bay


  1. Working with people with development disabilities always makes me happy to hear about cool programs that allow them to be included. Yay for KORE!

  2. Heartwarming to hear about programs like this!

  3. thanks for a happy post... this is indeed a wonderful thing they are doing...

  4. That sounds like a great program. Everybody deserves a great day at the beach.

    On a side note; I noticed the lady surfing with the girl on her surf board looked like her hair wasn't even wet. Now that's what I call a good surfer!

  5. Another perfect day in Hawaii. Moms still has not seen those huge waves


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