Tuesday, December 31

Happy New Year 2014

Wishing all of our family and friends (both two legged and four) a blessed and prosperous 2014.
Gracie, Schatzie and Val

Wednesday, December 25

I have decided.....

to become one with the duck!! 
Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas. 

Love, Gracie

Tuesday, December 24

We found Santa's Hat...

It appears Santa finished delivering gifts here in Hawaii
and was last seen running to the beach
and he was yelling this as he jumped into the surf...
Merry Christmas Everyone! 
Gracie and Schatzie

Friday, December 20

Think I'm on the wrong list...

So I'm naughty...
Schatzie and I received our Christmas gifts from Gramma in Florida on Wednesday. Mom decided we could dig into the box before Christmas since we've been so good. I love getting a box from Gramma, cuz there's always something good inside. Well I wasn't disappointed!  I got this really cool BIG duck. You can see it on the right side of the following photo. The little lamb you see in the picture is Schatzie's present. I was a VERY BAD dog and snagged her gift and proceeded to dismantle it in a matter of 7 minutes. I do think that's a record!! Mom wasn't too pleased and lamb chop had to go to the stuffie hospital for surgery.
Lamb Chop is recovering on the counter and mom keeps giving me a stink eye.
Tis the Season!!
Hello, my name is Gracie and I'm on the Naughty Dog List!!

Thursday, December 19

Pups on Patrol...

If you remember from yesterday I told you we were out on Pup Patrol. If you look really close you will see one of the 1100 Hawaiian Monk Seals left on earth.  Can you see him??
Let me help you....
 I'll let mom zoom in for you.
This little guy is known as 8HY or as we like to call him
8 Hotel Yankee!!  We don't know how old he is for sure, but his size indicates that he is probably . 3-4 years of age. He has been hanging out on these rocks since Saturday. Just sleeping all day and then he heads out on adventures or to eat during the evening.  He is really green, probably getting ready to molt (he will shed his entry outer fur and skin) then he will be a shinny new gray/silver color.
It's a stressful time for them and they need lots of rest during this process.
and then....
Well not only did we have 8HY, but we also found Sam snoozing just
 a short distance down the beach. He's looking great.
Enjoying a nice late afternoon snooze. 
 wow, you can almost count all his whiskers.
 If you are wondering, we were not allowed out of the car while mom was checking on these guys. It's dangerous for both us and the seals. We all carry icky germs that could be potentially life threatening so mom let's us view from the car and then took us home so she could come back and take these photos.  We like to abide by the rules!!

Wednesday Seal Update: 8HY was again out on the outer rocks snoozing and unfortunately Sam was no where to be found and believe me, we LOOKED!!! Maybe tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed Pups on Patrol!!
Love, Gracie and Schatzie

Tuesday, December 17

Out on Patrol...

Mom allowed us to do a "ride along" yesterday. Since it's wordless Wednesday I'll have to wait until tomorrow to let ya know what we found. You all come back now, hear!! 

Monday, December 16

Full Moonrise...

Tonight was one of the first full moonrises that we've had without tons of clouds. It was beautiful.

Sunday, December 15

A Hanalei Day...

Yesterday hubby and I went to the North Shore to witness the BIG WAVES! We were not disappointed. They waves were huge and we enjoyed watching the experienced surfers zooming across the huge waves.  Now since we're just beginners to life on the waves we opted to paddle our long boards up the Hanalei River--the water's flat there!!
Before we ventured up the river we witnessed a beautiful site on the shores of Black Pot Beach.  We saw dozens of folks clad in bright red t-shirts that had  K.O.R.E  stamped in the front. Wandering around the beach, I found that K.O.R.E stands for Kauai Outdoor Recreation Experience.  This group allows for those with special needs and their families to enjoy a day at the beach under the supervision highly skilled individuals that include physical therapist, lifeguard and firemen. We saw all ages surfing (most doing much better than me), some were snorkeling others were building sand castles. The most impressive site was all the empty wheelchairs on the beach. Freedom from the restraints of their life in those chairs--at least for a short time. I loved hearing their laughter and the smiles were enough to make you tear up. I want to say Mahalo to all those involved with this program, indeed they are enabling those with disabilities to enjoy Kauai's beautiful ocean and SURF!!  If you'd like to know more about this program click on K.O.R.E

 A truly beautiful day on Hanalei Bay

Saturday, December 7

A Time of Reflection...

This morning I was up at dark thirty and was headed out to check on a seal that has been resting at a nearby beach for the past 2 days.  She and I sat quietly together as the sun rose over the island of Oahu.  I thought how different the sky must have been 72 years ago as Pearl Harbor was under attack.
Remember those past and present heroes.