Tuesday, June 4

What STINKS????

I tell you, I was framed.....

No Gracie, you were not framed...
you stuck your nose somewhere that you shouldn't have...


Oh the shame!!!
(not to mention the smell)

I checked my "to do" list and 
skunk smell removal was not on there!!
oh and Gracie, no amount of whining is going to break me,
 you're NOT coming inside.
So STOP whining!! 



  1. mine go thru the stinks a few times each spring. i let them wear it off. yuck.

  2. get out the mater juice mom... i am hoping there are no skunks in Hawaii

  3. Dear Gracie,

    The people just don't understand wonderful smells, do they?


  4. Fortunately I haven't had to deal with the stinkies for several years now. I had a rescued Brittany Spaniel named Jilly that I nicknamed 'the Stencherator' because she routinely irritated skunks. Oi!

    (If you do decide to get rid of the stench I found that rubbing baking soda all over Jilly, then giving her several rinses with lemon juice and water worked much better than tomato juice.)

  5. Thankfully none of our dogs ever got sprayed-but I've known plenty of dogs who have. I've been told the most effective thing to do is wash them in tomato juice...however it may take more than once.

  6. YUCK! I've thankfully never been sprayed.

  7. Oh no! Yep I have been there several times. But I will say that my shinning did get me in the house over night. All be it with a tarp in the couch and an old blankie and all the windows open in November. Natures Miricle to the rescue.

  8. OMD...Did you tangle wit a.....skunk? Pee-U

  9. Poor you!!! I've never had a pup get sprayed but hear it's pretty awful....poor baby!

  10. You're kidding me! Now there's a memory for you to take to Hawaii. Hope the smell goes away soon. Poor Gracie.

  11. Oh no, that would be bad! Mom couldn't make me stay outside no matter how bad I smelled if I gave her my sad face! Hope she smells more to your liking soon!

  12. Oops! Did you get sprayed or roll in one? Our Bill got sprayed in the face once. I am sure he thought it was a cat. How long until you're allowed back inside?

  13. Here's a link to the most effective skunk smell remover....


  14. Oh, luckily I've never had to deal with this. I heard the tomato juice thing doesn't really work. My friend's dog got sprayed, and man for weeks after that every time she got wet at the beach the smell was still faintly there. (Faintly... I hope that helps.)

    Good luck!

  15. The sidewalk chalk is too funny! The smell I know is horrendous... I got sprayed when I was a kid, tomato juice didn't make one bit of difference as I recall.

    Sure glad we don't have skunks over here on this part of the West Coast!

  16. Poor little punkin!! Did you get the smell off her?

  17. I like the chalk art work! LOL Hopefully you won't be taking the smell with you to Hawaii.


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