Thursday, June 13

New Life....

 In the past week I've had a population explosion here on the farm....there's birds everywhere!!

update...this is the little guy I shared last week, he was the only survivor of 5. He/she has grown like a weed and probably fledge in the next few days. 

This is one of 6 bluebird houses we have here on the farm. 
4 of the 6 are occupied--3 house tree swallows and only 1 has a pair of Bluebirds.

These little tree swallows just hatched...
If I counted correctly there are 6 tiny babies.
See all the feathers!!  sure sign it's a tree swallow nest.

Mom, dad and a tree swallow warrior near the nesting box.
They don't enjoy having anyone too close to the nest--but one someone enters their space reinforcements are called to help protect the brood.

 Another nest full of baby tree swallows. I think we're going to have a bumper crop!!

This is the 2nd bluebird nest of eggs. The first was destroyed by sparrows :( 
I hope to find new hatchlings in the next couple of days. Don't worry I'll keep you posted!

The 3rd box of tree swallows.
They sure make a comfy looking nest for the brood. 

Enjoying all these babies is one of the things I will miss about life here on the farm.  I heard from friends that there are 2 baby monk seals on Kauai that will need some monitoring in the near future.
I requested a volunteer application yesterday and hope to be part of the team once we are on island.

***Just wondering, since Google Reader is going away July 1, what have people gone to?? I'm trying Feedly and frankly I'm finding it a bit confusing, but that may be due to me having juggling so many balls and not being able to devote the time or energy to understanding it!! Would love to hear what you are using.

Don't forget tomorrow is {See Beautiful} 



  1. Honestly, I LOVE feedly. At first I wasn't sure. But I set mine up for blogs, and blogs I just read. Although I cna't install it at work, I can use the iphone ap (which is how I read your post, btw). I have found with the organization (which may have been on google reader and I just didnt' know) I am able to keep up with blogs. If I want to comment and just can't I can save the one post for later.

  2. i love feedly, but some don't and they are using bloglovin...

  3. I hear Bloglovin is good. I haven't decided on what I'm going to switch to, but this whole GFC closing down thing is stressing me out. I hope they change their minds.

    Also, AWWWW! Baby birdies! How precious!

  4. Oh, we're going to miss the farm too Val!!

    I'm using Feedly and I love it. Which is weird since I'm so opposed to change. :-)

  5. i'm using feedly and have since the day google announced they were shutting down reader.

  6. There's just something about seeing the circle of life first hand, isn't there?

    I'm still in denial about google reader....

  7. Oh you are gonna miss those little babies sooooo much when you move. But there will be many new adventures awaiting you.

    We just love watching all the baby birds around our house.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. SQUEEEEEEEE...Babies! How cute!

    We switched to Feedly and also found it very confusing at first. But once we set up our preferences, we're loving it now. The only thing we haven't figured out yet is how to start following a new blog. We still add it in Google Reader and then let it sync with Feedly. Still need to figure that part out when Google Reader is gone.

  9. Love the nesting! Google Reader is going away? Oh, we are going to be messed up I think. We just realized that some of the blogs we follow were not on the list we were reading from (we just thought people weren't posting). Gonna have to have a Plan B now for sure!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Ambassadors of Love

  10. We just love watching the birdies grow. We have a tree in the front yard that has birds nesting in the trunk of the tree. We think there are about 5 different nest in that trre. I just sit on the couch at the front window and I can see them stick there little heads out of the holes in the apple tree. They are amazing.

  11. Sometimes we have a nest or two around our house but this year we haven't seen any. Will you be in HI for a limited time or permanently? It sure will be different!

  12. The eggs are beautiful! The babies are so fragile looking!

    Um, I don't use a reader. I guess I need to figure this stuff out. Bleh. Have too many new things to learn and I have an old brain!

  13. Feedly is working for me. Someday I'm even going to organize my feeds. :)

    Great pictures.


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