Sunday, January 27

When I listen...

It was another gloomy day for us, it would have been easy to curl up on the sofa and watch movies, 
read a book or maybe just take a nap.
but....I decided to listen to the girlz urging me to take a walkabout the property late this afternoon. 
 At first the girlz weren't too excited because they had to wear their purple boots, 
but once out the door we were destined for a messy walk. We love messy!!

Come see what we found.

 The trees looked as though they were weeping...

or did we find a diamond in the rough

 A milkweed seed in slumber

and some were all exposed...

oh yes, it was messy

 at times the girlz were barely visible...

the sound of silence was so peaceful.

there was so much to explore and sniff 

 Look what I would have missed had I neglected to listen.
Thanks Girlz :)

Have a great week.

Val and the Girlz


  1. Your pictures are beautiful. Glad the girls got you out for a walk.


  2. beautiful. Nice reminder to take the time to listen! Hope the baths after that mess went well!

  3. You certainly live in a beautiful place! I'm glad you listened to them, too!

  4. Love that tree photo. It is always good to listen to you heart and the girlz. Much beauty was found because of it. Now snuggle up and stay warm.

  5. Pretty. We love your purple boots
    Benny & Lily

  6. My mom loves the calm and cool of gloomy days the best. Loved the beautiful photography.

  7. Just another reward of having dogs in your life. Sure, a nap or a book woulda been good, a walk was what you needed!

  8. You sure got in some quality exploring on your walkie. It sure was worth putting on those purple booties. We enjoyed every minute of it too.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  9. Such a peaceful area! You are very lucky!

  10. These are amazing pictures! It looks pretty peaceful.

  11. Excellent photos! Glad you got out there with them and explored - you are right, messy is fun! Blueberry and I had some messy fun as well over the weekend!

  12. Looks really wet, but made for wonderful pictures!

  13. Love all the pics!!! Do they mind wearing the purple boots? I can remember trying them on my shepherd...she wouldn't even consider wearing them...she tried to walk and it looked like she was marching...we howled with laughter...and she never wore them! Hope all's well in your world! xo Jeanne

  14. Foggy, but wonderful. You got some great pictures :)


  15. Sometimes we need a reminder of the beauty that's right in front of us. :-)


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