Thursday, January 10

Help Bring Rex Home...

Dear Readers and Followers,
I am sharing a bit of a different post today. This is a story that I have been following on Facebook for a couple of months now and it is just HEARTBREAKING!! Now I know not everyone does the Facebook thing so, I am trying to help spread the word about this dog.
The photo below is of a beautiful 4 month (at time of abduction) German Shepherd Puppy named Rex that is missing. Rex is approx. 9 months old now. This dog could be anywhere!!  He may have been stolen then sold with the new owners not knowing he is a stolen dog.  The dog is micro chipped.  I asked the owners permission to share this information here on my blog concerning Rex. Please if you know of the whereabouts of this dog or know someone who may have recently gotten a "new" puppy PLEASE share this story. Or better yet, be so kind as to share it via word of mouth or on YOUR blog.

thanks so much,

Val :)

The following photos and story provided by:
 Alisia McIntyre/Highlander German Shepherds, Bryan, Michele, & Richard Gosman

Our German Shepherd Rex who was being trained to be a service dog has been missing since
October 01, 2012 from his home in Montauk, NY.  We have been desperately searching and doing everything possible to find him.  He had a collar on with an ID tag as well as the Home Again microchip.  We strongly believe that someone has him.  We have had multiple search and rescue teams come in and they tracked his scent to the parking area of the Edward Albee Foundation where they abruptly lost his that point someone must have taken him away via vehicle.
We have put up posters, sent posters with all of his info to veterinarians, shelters, rescue groups covering the tri-state area.  We have utilized a Pet Amber Alert service, Home Again the microchip company has sent out alerts ....everything you can imagine.  We have a Facebook page set up with close to 2,000 followers who are trying to help reunite Rex with his 7 year old best friend Richard.
There is an $8,000 reward for Rex's return or info leading to his safe return.  We can be contacted anytime day or night 845-224-9170.
Yesterday a man contacted us via email stating that he had Rex and would return him as soon as we had his money ready.  This email correspondence went on all day until we found out it was a scam, and the man was actually from Nigeria!
We love Rex and miss him more than words can say.
We need the media's assistance.  We are praying that someone will recognize him and contact us.
All we want is for our puppy to come home to Richard his 7 year old best friend.  We aren't looking to get anyone in trouble.  We just want our puppy back.  This is killing us.  Richard is having nightmares and traumatized!  Rex is a very loved member of our family.
Please help.
Thank you in advance for any assistance that you can provide.
Alisia McIntyre/Highlander German Shepherds, Bryan, Michele, & Richard Gosman

(The following photo is of Richard and his puppy Rex. The child is devastated and dearly wants his Rex back.)


  1. That is a heartbreaking story. I hope they get Rex back soon. I have friends in Ireland whose dog went missing like this and he turned up two-and-a-half years later. Someone had stolen him for breeding purposes and he had somehow escaped. They subsequently found out - and I don't know the whole story - who did this as the person was caught after stealing someone else's dog.

  2. Praying you find him. How devastating!

  3. I've seen this story several times on FB. I really, really hope that the media exposure gets results and this boy is found!

  4. I hope they find their dog. We once found a dog that had been stolen a couple years earlier. The dog was chipped but the chip was not checked as the people who took the dog in promised me, so it delayed the dog getting home sooner. (long story)

  5. Oh my - I hope that Rex is found. I have often thought that various places - like vet offices, groomers, city offices where dog tags are issued, etc. - should routinely scan dogs for chips to make sure that the person who claims to be the owner actually is...

  6. That is terribly sad! I hope they find him!


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