Thursday, January 31

Frosty Paws, a Penguin and a Bowl full of stamps...

The following is somewhat of a "Catch Up Post".

This past monday the girlz received a special package from their friend Garth over at The World according to Garth Riley. You see a few weeks ago Garth and Frosty Paws had a terrific giveaway (some certificates for some FREE Frosty Paws and a stuffie!! Well, the girlz were one of ten lucky winners. Many thanks to Garth and Frosty Paws for these yummy treats. I do think we will wait til it's a bit warmer to get the Frosty Paws though. Their paws are pretty frosty now!!

as you can see here is the box from Garth
Gracie wasted NO time ripping into the package.

She was so excited to get into that box.

Here's the loot...certificates for 2 boxes of Frosty Paws, a Frosty Stuffie (not for dogs) a nice letter that Garth dictated to his human to write,
 Garth's business card--
he's a famous Trick Dog/Philosopher, a therapy dog, entertainer and a MODEL!!!

Schatzie with the prizes.

On to another subject....
Wednesdays post included a photo of 
Gracie either yawning or reacting to having to wear her boots.  
The answer was YAWNing... she had just woken from a nap!!

So what's up with this penguin??? This is Schatzie's favorite toy. He is only about 4 inches all and 2 inches wide. She got him for Christmas from her Santa Pal Joules at Fear the Beards  I just love to watch her groom him, snuggle with him and best of all keep him away from Gracie. You just never know where Penguin will pop up!!  Penguin STILL squeaks and that's a miracle around this house with Miss Gracie. 

Another Prize!!!
In December we were lucky dogs again when we were winners in the PBU daily Christmas give away.
We opted to get this fancy dish with Gracie's name on it. 
Many thanks to Pam and Oskar at Pet Blogs United for this very useful prize.
It's holding all of our used postage stamps!!
What are we going to do with these stamps--glad you asked!!
We are saving them to send to our friend Lori at What Remains Now
she then sends them to her friend in the UK to help with Grey Hound Rescues.
Something easy and for a great cause--join us!!

last but not least it time to get some color back in my life!!!
I've had enough of these gray days :)

Hope you are having a great day.


  1. Good gracious ya'll sure did gets a haul of awesome goodness. I has nevers had Frosty Paws so enjoy some fur me...hehehe.


  2. How wonderful! Thank you for mentioning the stamps. I send them to Sue who writes the blog Graceful Greyhounds. They benefit the Retired Greyhounds Trust. The English always have such elegant names for things.

    Frosty Paws is a SUPER favorite in our home. I often make homemade frozen treats, but you can't beat Frosty Paws when you need to pick up something convenient.

    Penguin made me laugh. Freedom has her hedgehogs, Nikki has her snake and Casper just spins around the house and acts goofy.

  3. What a great update! Congrat's on the Frosty Paws give-away. We won the time before last and were excited to receive the package from Garth.

    We also won from PBU the same prize :) We too opted for the water dish. Great minds think alike.

    We think Mr. Penguin is adorable. I hope he sticks around for awhile.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. Great prizes. Sounds like a good week. Mr. Penguin would last 2 minutes with Zaphod!

    Happy colouring (I got that done today myself).

  5. I love the photos of Gracie and Schatzie with the prizes! They're gonna' love the Frosty Paws! What a nice bowl too. That penguin wouldn't last 30 seconds in this house. Mom thinks it's cool that Schatzie snuggles with and takes care of the Penguin. I prefer to de-stuff things asap!

    your pal,

  6. What fun prizes, and I agree, a little bit of color, is always good! :-)

  7. We've never had Frosty Paws but they sound like they'd be yummy on a hot day. Glad you're going to do something for you - a bit of color to ward off the February blahs!

  8. We keep trying to win one of the Frosty Paws dogs, but no luck so far!

  9. talk about lucky dogs, they are really really lucky... not only all the prices but a cuddly blanket for sleepy time.. and a mom with no gray hair...

  10. They are some lucky pups! My Roxy always gets the squeakers out!
    The hair color makes me laugh because I was just looking at Clairol and thinking about doing my own hair. :)

  11. You made out with all that loot!
    Benny & Lily

  12. The frosty paws stuffie is very cute! Bet the dogs will enjoy their frosty paws.


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