Monday, January 7

Flip Flop Photo Hunt #1

Participating in
Little Adventures

January  week #1 
Found this fun photo challenge via my new friend Amanda .
each Thursday we are given 5 photo clues, you snap away and than you have
 til Monday evening to post your photos.

I'm going to add an extra challenge to myself by  incorporating
 photos of the girlz (if possible:) in each clue.
Tell me what you think of my shots.

#1 Comfy
who else but Miss Gracie snoozing near the Christmas Tree

#2 New
exploring the *new* day

#3 Feet

#4  Contrast
Silhouette of Schatzie

#5 Teal
This was the most difficult find for me--not a lot of color in my winter world.
As I was out with the girlz yesterday they led me to one of my garden ornaments.

that's all folks....

thanks to Amy at Little Adventures for hosting this FlipFlop Photo Adventure.


  1. WOW!! AWESOME shots! LOVE them all! I may join you in making most of mine about my dogs too! That seems like it would be a cool extra challenge! SO glad you linked up!!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, every single of theses shots is fabulous!
    Great angles too.


  3. Oh Thank you for linking up! I LOVE LOVE LOVE new participants! :D Makes me feel all happy !!!!! :D YAY so glad to have you! :) welcome! :)
    GORGEOUS set of photos and I LOVE that you are going to incorporate your "babies" into them! :D looking forward to getting to know more about you through our photos !!!! over the year!

  4. i agree with Amanda, awesome shots and perfect for the clues. i could get the comy and paws from Baby since all she does is sleep...

  5. Wonderful Wonderful shots. MOM went all squishy over the feet shot. All are very beautiful.

  6. Great photos and thanks for sharing the link. I might give this a try even though I don't have a great camera - it's a 3rd hand digital but works okay. Hey, any excuse to take more pictures and like you, I would try and make all of them about the dogs.

  7. i like when you show the girls, so keep 'em coming!

  8. Oh, oh, I love ALL of those! They're perfect!

  9. Wonderful shots! Miss Gracie looks so happy in her slumber, I wonder what she's dreaming about... :)

  10. Hi Val, Great shots, great idea!!!! I hope you are back to normal and ready to tackle the world. Most of our snow is melting away and so we do get some green. Love your eye for photos of your pups-perfect!
    Hugs, Noreen

  11. What fun! Great pics! Love seeing your girls! :)

  12. Those are some really special picts! Don't you love backlighting? I love that one of Schatzie (or is it Gracie?) at the start of a new day! What fun. I love seeing your photos.

  13. Oh, I love all of your shots! Are you on Flickr by any chance?

  14. What a great challenge and I LOVE all your shots. Can't wait to see your photos every week!

  15. Very nice. I love photo challenges and used to participate in one, but I just couldn't find the time. Unfortunately. I look forward to seeing what you come up with each week.


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