Monday, January 21

Cuz, I'm the leader...

Whenever possible I love to take the girlz out on our property (80 acres) and just let them be, well...dogs!
They are not leashed, they can run, sniff and chase to their hearts content. I usually have the camera in hand, you know just in case there's a photo opportunity. We have a number of  wooded areas, 4 ponds  and  3 small pasture areas and  a number of pheasant and quail, so the girlz have plenty to explore. I do my best to give the girlz variety in their adventures. If I'm moving they're moving.  But, what I find amusing is that once I plop myself down to observe my surroundings they follow my lead. Bottoms down!! 
They watch my every move...
 I smile...
I guess I really am their pack leader. 

watching the world

Gracie's turn to watch me

 Schatzie's  turn

So do your dogs follow your lead??

***30/30 Challenge Update***
the Girlz have only missed 1 day due to pouring rain.
I have missed 2 days due to the dreaded flu.

Happy Monday Everyone.


  1. Very nice. Acreage and ponds...oh the training we could do. You have lucky doggies. :)

  2. That first photo is so beautiful. I usually follow MOM's lead, sort of. I run ahead but ALWAYS turn and check or turn and come back to her to make sure she is OK. But when she sits on say a log. I make sure she is ok then sniff around where I can still keep an eye on her.

  3. kinda sorta. they will go off into the woods or creek by themselves, but will come back to find me again. :)

  4. We DREAM of having all those acres to let the dogs run! Must be so nice!

  5. 80 acres to walk and awesome! These are beautiful photos! I'm not sure what my pups would do. :)

  6. Millie is a bit young to get that kind of response yet. I hope to have that kind of relationship with her when she is mature. How nice to be able to take a hike on you property like that.


  7. Hi Val, Hunter does follow me a lot but only follows my commands when he wants to-grrr. I'm not sure how I'd feel about letting him off lead if we had property, he is so small that a coyote could get him and he might see critters and take off after them. You have wonderful dogs Val, great job training them. BTW, I wanted to ask what made you inquire about what part of Kauai we stay on-are you thinking of a trip? Sending hugs to you today. Noreen

  8. You are doing great with the walking!

    I wish had that much property to explore (we will have to stick to our 2 acres and neighbours trails we can walk on).

    Zaphod checks in when we are out. Lee on the other hand . . . . . .

    Happy Monday!

  9. Gizmo shows me that i'm the leader when we hike...he may run 100' - 200' ahead, but then stops, turns and waits for my signal that it's ok to go on...and in the house he will lie on his couch and watch me intently (as he's doing right now) while i read blogs or whatever...i have no doubt i'm his pack leader

  10. Pft!! Hahaha, nope, not at all!! I'm the leader in this pack! ;-) It's very cool that your girls love you so much to make you their leader! Gorgeous photos!

  11. That first photo is AMAZING! I love how intense they both look! 80 acres, WOW!!! My dogs and I are sooooo jealous!! :) You have some lucky pups there!!

  12. The pack are off leash whenever it's a safe area. Most people are surprised that the blind girls do so well. You and yours are very lucky to have the acres to roam. We are so looking forward to being on our 40 acres. Fingers crossed that we'll be moving this summer after owning it for three (long!) years.

  13. What gorgeous pictures of the girls! 80 acres! wow! That would be so nice!

  14. what a great run that must have been
    Benny & Lily

  15. Those photos are SO GORGEOUS!!!
    I am definitely the pack leader, but no off-lead running (except for inside our fenced-in back yard) for the boys. It's not in the nature of the Siberian Husky to come back. It's their nature to RUN. :)

  16. Great photos. Since Rita is part beagle, her nose is the leader!

  17. Awesome pics! Looks like you are doing a great job guarding your land!

  18. Those are fabulous photos. I love the winter light on your pair of beautiful dogs.


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