Tuesday, January 1

A New Year...My Journey

Happy 2013 to you all.

 I put 2012 to bed around 10:30 or maybe I should say it put me to bed. When I woke this morning 2013 had came in all glittery. The Times Square Crystal Ball had nothing on the sparkly day that we were presented with this morning.  Although I am still  not feeling the best I just had to lace up the boots and venture out to explore the newly fallen snow and the hoary frost that longed for me to take photos.
Now the photos aren't  my best, but given my physical condition, I liked them, besides it's not always about the photos--it's the journey, right!!!  So here's how the journey of 2013 began for the Girlz and me.

 Love my new window ornament

 A clean kitchen sink...more about that in a later post.

 Boots laced up and ready to roll. 
I am participating the the 30/30 Challenge for January. 

30/30 Badge

Come on over and join us!!

Okay, back to my morning
the sun was just beginning to peek through the trees.

Now I would really prefer to live where I could walk on white sandy beaches, but  it's days
 like this that make me realize that I do like living here too!
The hoary frost is just beautiful.

even on the old corn stalks

don't you agree??

against the blue morning sky

sparkle, sparkle

wonder what these little critters were doing up so early this 2013

of course my girl Schatzie 

more sparkle

Nature's jewels

see what I mean by Crystal Ball???

My journey partners

Hope your day is full of sparkle.

I'm going to continue to snap away 
and enjoy my journey. 

Val and the Girlz :)


  1. gorgeous, val! thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely beautiful.

    May you and your girlz have many great adventures in 2013!

  3. what a journey, so beautiful and it does outsparkle anything MAN can make. so beautiful. hope you are ALL better soon

  4. We loved going on the morning walk with you and the girlz. So beautiful. You are right that ball has nothing on the sparkle of your day.

  5. Love your photos, the frost is so pretty! Your journey partners are pretty gorgeous as well!
    Happy New Year!!!

  6. I love your photos Val...Maybe it's the humidity here but we just don't get those crystal clear skies and sharp-edged blues that you have...Your sparkling crystals evoke crisp clean air on a cold winter's day

  7. Oh beautiful! Happy New Year!


  8. Very nice pictures. You made it about an hour longer than I did last night...lol. Happy New Year to you!

  9. Beautiful, beautiful photos! My fave is the one of Schatzie! :)
    Play bows,

  10. I'm so glad to meet you and look forward to following along on your 2013 journey. What a beautiful way to begin 2013.

  11. Happy New Year! Great shots. I'd much rather look at your pretty pics of the snow than be in the snow! :)


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