Thursday, December 27

The Final Gift...pajamas???

You know how you got pajamas for
 Christmas when you were a child!?!??!?! 

 Mom, I can't find the toy or the treats, just this red thing!!
That's your gift Gracie
But, mom it doesn't smell good or squeak---you must have made a mistake!!
No, Gracie that's for you

 Since my peeps don't have any skin kids, me and Schatzie are their kids. This Christmas my mom got this hair brained idea to get us (no, we didn't get pajamas--Thank DOG!!)  these character bath towels.

 Schatzie got the frog....

 the green does look quite nice on her don't ya agree???

 me, I got the big red dog... I personally think I look  like a lady bug!!

 Can you believe this madness....

 Mom, where are my  treats!!!

Gracie :)

P.S. Happy Birthday Gramma!!


  1. Awwww; still, every Christmas is good in a loving fur-ever home Gracie! Oh, and did Lily (and Buddha and Abby) ever enjoy the gift you sent them for your Gotcha Day! There will be a photo up in a few minutes!

  2. Love how you are hiding in the last picture. My mom dresses me up all the time...but I actually like it. You were sweet to let your parents dress you up silly.

  3. Our mom has one human child. But now that she is in college, she is too old for Santa! So we got lots of Santa gifts this year! ;)

    BTW - your Christmas card arrived, thank you so much! We loved it!

  4. OMG you do look awful cute in them! Does that mean you're getting a bath?

  5. character bath towels?!!! Does that mean there will be more baths for you two? But you two do look cute. Maybe you can think of them as big flat stuffies. Hehehheh

  6. Umm...does we need to call the ASPCA to help you??? I can't believe you had that on long enough for pictures, I'd put the bitey on it RIGHT quick!!

  7. Ha woooooo!!! That last photo made me laugh!

  8. Too very cute! My family thinks I've gone over the deep end because Hunter is now my focus(some of the time)-but when you've got an empty nest someone has to fill it. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy & Healthy New Year.
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

  9. Hahaha. Better you than us. ;)

    the brown dawgs

  10. BOL, those blankets sure are soft.
    Benny & Lily

  11. You both look fabulous!!! Green froggie and red ladybug. What a wonderful pair. You made me smile!

  12. Lookin' good! Just think how cozy those will be after a romp outside in the cold and/or rain or snow.

    Were there some treats later?

  13. So cute! Might have to get one for Rita!


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