Monday, December 3

Framing Beautiful...

I thought I should explain the why of my "Taking One Day at a Time" theme for December.

The idea is actually 2 interesting concepts  that collided.
The first being "See Beautiful" if you have not been to that web site please take time to pop over and check it out. It encourages us to see simple beauty--not the kind on tv or magazines--
 but everyday beauty.
You can also check out the product line for some very unique gift ideas. I've done a little Christmas shopping there and look forward to sharing the items with friends. 
Plus..if you purchase something there this month a portion of the sale goes to the Lantern House--a shelter for the homeless and their pets!! 

The second part came from the message at church yesterday.  Pastor had all of us hold up our hands and make a "L" with your thumb and index finger. Now put your "L's"  together to form a frame. This is your view finder, move it close to your body, and then away.  
Now his question was...
What's in your view finder/frame?? 


So this "Taking One Day at a Time" is really
 about the snapshots of  life for the next month....what is it that I'm seeing everyday?

With eyes and heart wide open I'm asking myself the following:
is my world focused,
or maybe it's blurry,
am I seeing  the whole picture or just a segment
does it tell a story, if so, what sort of story, 
am I at the beginning, the end or somewhere in between
does it make me think, laugh or cry
but more importantly is the SON in my viewfinder?

 So when I combined the two concepts I got...
Just me...Framing Beautiful!!!
I do believe it's going to be an interesting journey
Day 3


  1. Beautiful pictures! My daughter has a talent for taking pictures of nature. My talent seems to be for photographing our dogs. :) You on the other hand seem to be able to do both! You have the eye of an artist!

  2. That is so wonderful and BEAUTIFUL. MOM and I love love love See Beautiful. I like how you combined the two things. This is so great. I think my MOM will follow your lead. It will make for a beautiful month and knowing my MOM it will continue into the New Year. Beautiful Journey to you.

  3. What a great concept and I love your photos, they really are incredibly beautiful! :-D Don't you get a little weirded out by the fog though...shiver, just a little American Werewolf in Paris! ;-) Enjoy seeing all that beauty!

  4. What a beautiful concept! Fog actually can be quite beautiful. Can't it! :)

  5. Beautiful photos AND concept!

    I wanted to let you know that the pack got Gracie's gift and loved it! Photos will be up soon.

  6. very interesting journey and the first photos frames beautiful very well. i like that shot a lot. keep looking and finding and posting beautiful.

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  8. Very nice to meet someone else that appreciates the simple beauty of nature - definitely can see God's handiwork in it! :)

  9. Hi Val, I love this although missed it yesterday. I think as we take one day at a time, we can choose gratitude and thanksgiving for all our day holds.
    Love Gracie pic too-she is so beautiful.
    Sending love your way.
    Noreen & Hunter

  10. Thank you so much for sharing See Beautiful. I love the way you've "framed" it so perfectly. This is one of those moments for us that See Beautiful completely leaves us inspired when we find such kind words and beautiful reflections from others. Thank you so much for your support and for reaching out. I'm so thankful we've found your blog! So happy to follow!!

  11. I am glad that you are allowing us to join you on this. I find that often I am surrounded by so much negativity (possibly a job related hazard) that people tend to dwell on just the negative. I encourage others to look beyond. Be thankful for what you have and think of what you can do to help others and be a positive influence.


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