Thursday, November 1

These Boots are not for me...

Wanted to share what came in the mail earlier this week.
If you remember a few days ago I posted about my mom stating she wanted to get Schatzie and me some boots to wear so we don't get the floor all muddy when we return from our walks. A bowl of water and a towel would probably do the trick, but mom thought the boots would be a better idea.

Anyhow, my pal  Goose over at Gospel of Goose had an extra set of boots that his MOM said he didn't wear( I now understand why!!) and she would be happy to send them to us to try...

Look mom a package from Utah...

Mom, it's from Goose--I'm sure there's toys and treats!!!

What in the world is in here???

See mom, here's a toy

I'll just be right over here playing with my toy...
But Gracie there's something else in the box

I know mom, Schatzie got a toy too!!

Mom, what are you putting on my feet....
Gracie--Goose sent you his boots!!

Really mom!!

Goose oh pal, talk to the PAW!!
I now know why you didn't like these boots...

I am not walking  in these things....
No, No I'm not...put them on Schatzie!!

See Mom, they look so much better on Schatzie

Schatzie is "rocking" the boots

Schatzie loved her new toy too.

Goose's mom sent a note to enlarge :)
It said, we got the toys as a "Thank You" for taking the boots!!

So Goose, thanks for giving Schatzie the new boots.
Mom thinks they'll work just fine for her, if not we're going to
 send them to a search and rescue group.

Many thanks to our pal Goose and his mom for sending us 
the boots and the awesome toys 
(I liked my toy the best, the boots--not so much :)


P.S. my poppy shot a video of the whole boot fitting and brief walk --fortunately my mom is video challenged and doesn't know how to put it on here. Let me tell ya they were laughing!!


  1. my pups wouldn't wear those scary things either. :)

  2. Kelsey would refuse to walk when she got her boots. It took a whole lot of cookie bribery to get going. She still hates them. I also tried to post a funny video, but couldn't get it to work right.

  3. Hey girlz!! Glad to hear you got the boots. Yea my MOM got them for me when we do the "extreme" hiking. I never did wear them hiking. I tried them on in the living room and that was more than enough for me. But they look great on you Schatzie. I am so thank full they are on your paws now. And if they don't work out, I am sure a SAR's dog will love them. Enjoy your thank you toys. I would love to see the video. Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

  4. Whoa, now those are some rockin' boots Schatzie! Domeek bought me some Muttluks a few months ago (I have, what she calls, "prissy paws" that tend to get scratched up whenever I'm not on cement or grass) but I kicked them off in just a couple of steps! So, I'm glad one of you loves boots! Cool toys too from my Goose bro!

  5. these pics made me laugh so hard!!! the expressions on their faces are so funny! I don't think the boots would work in our household, but those toys look awesome!
    Happy November!!

  6. It does take them a while to get used to them. Remember to put them on for just a few minutes, lots of treats and encouragement, and then take them off until they are comfortable with them.


  7. How nice of Goose. Hope the boots work out. :)

  8. Those are great boots. I wouldn't wear them though! Lee (and Phod!)

  9. gracie you did better than baby would have, she would not even let me put them on her, i don't think Jake would either, i can understand how you feel, i don't wear shoes either... signed barefoot in florida.... but i would love to see that video....i could use a laugh

  10. LOL!

    video challenged? Not you? You sound like my wife.

  11. Funny pictures! Rita would never wear those boots either, Goose. (But then we live in sunny California, so no need for boots luckily!)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. We love silliness too!

  12. Hi there my friends, I had to giggle about paw prints on the floor because yesterday Hunter and Lily made a mess on the wood floors and do you know how many times I've cleaned it....three and polished it twice. Yikes! Even on walks on the cement path, Hunter still gets messy. Isn't Michelle and Goose just great friends! What a wonderful box of goodies-glad Schatzie can wear the boots.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Noreen & Hunter

  13. Whoever wears the boots, I love them! But I needed a grin at the end of a long week--THANKS!! Blogging friends really are the best! :-)

  14. Hey G-dog, tell Marty she's pretty "styling" in her new high tops!

  15. Dogs are SO funny when they first wear boots. It makes us laugh and laugh. But, they usually settle down about the boots pretty fast, that is, everyone except K who refused to even walk with boots on her feet. The only time she was willing to wear them was on our coldest winter days when it was around -20 deg (just a few days a year).

    BTW, I realized that you were referring to the bobcat post from last winter, and I reread it. Winter is a great time to start with a trail camera because you can use those tracks to decide where to put the camera.

    Hope all is well!

  16. There's something yummy waiting for you on my post!! :-D

  17. OMD! Gracie you just looked hilarious in those boots! How thoughtful of Goose and his Momma to send you such a terrific parcel. I do have to say Schatzie looks pretty good in the boots. The toys you guys got look awesome!

  18. OMD!!! It IS hilarious to watch dogs try to walk in those boots!! Mama used to have a shepherd mix and she looked like a MARCHING dog trying to walk in them!! The video must be hilarious!! Glad you loved your toy!! Pressies are the BEST!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug


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