Friday, November 23

The LAST DAY!!!!

What a week....

Today is the last day to vote in the 2013 Dogs of Blogville Calendar Contest....
The top 12 dogs will be featured January-December. 

*All the dogs will be on the calendar!!**

How cool is that!

BUT.... The top vote getting dog gets the cover. 

So I'm asking you to vote ONE more time--let's see if we can get Schatzie on the COVER... 
(she's in 2nd place now)

MANY, MANY THANKS to all that have taken time to vote, I so appreciate it!! 

SO  CLICK HERE  to cast your final vote.
Scroll down to Dogs of Blogville Calendar Contest-Update and click!!

**if you are new to the voting, read the info about the fundraiser, check out the beautiful contestants,( do not click on the photos) you will see the lists of dogs and their blogs that are participating
 and than you will find the ballot. 
Click on the bubble next to your choice, scroll down and hit vote!!
Our entry for the contest is the photo in the Header above.

I'll let you know if we have a cover girl....and if not, I'm okay with that....
I think she would be a BEAUTIFUL Miss December.

Many thanks from a proud German Shepherd Momma
Val :)


  1. she is a cover girl even if she is not on the cover... thus says MadSnapper.

  2. forgot to say soooo happy they all get in the calendar.. yippeee

  3. i couldn't get my vote to work the last 2 days, but i'm glad she'll be in the calendar!

  4. I can't vote until later today I guess. But I'm going to share again! Goooooo Schatzie!!

  5. Voting now!! :-D My magnets came in the mail this afternoon...I couldn't open the box quick enough!! They are beautiful on my fridge!! Thank you so much!!! :-D

  6. Good luck! I voted when it would let me. LOL


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