Friday, November 16


We spent some of yesterday supervising mom while she continued to cut those volunteer cedar trees out of our pasture. It's a tough job....but somebody has got to do the supervising.

 As promised, a shot of Schatzie
 and Me.
 Hey....I can't supervise all the time.
Can't a girl have a little fun??


p.s. Mom is having a little difficulty with the computer. She's been up since 5 backing up files and trying to avoid a possible crash. Don't worry we will still have the drawing today for the prizes and
 she'll post them tomorrrow.


  1. oh, good luck with the computer!!! eek!

    love that kind of supervision.

  2. oh what cute puppies. my girl is naughty today. she continues to stick her head in the garbage cans and chew on old slobbery tissues. ewewh! the leash is my friend today.

  3. Oh these computers. They can be such a blessing (like connecting us all) and then they can be such a pain (like disconnecting us). Hope all goes well with the computer. Good job girlz in helping the mom out with the trees.

  4. love the shot of the supervisors and the one that is NOT supervising... BOL. how did you find trees that matched Schatzie's colors? perfect

  5. You two are EXCELLENT supervisors! Don't work too hard!
    Play bows,

  6. Good job supervising your Momma girlz! But you've got to have some play time too, right? Technology can be such a pain. :(

  7. Great snoopervision girls! Hope the computer issues get fixed, that is such a bummer!

  8. See, what you're doing is a true artform...supervising WITHOUT looking like you're supervising!! See, to the untrained eye, you is just rolling around, maybe in something dead if you're lucky, but in truth, you're just trying to catch them with their guard down! Good job! ;)

  9. Gracie, I love seeing you out in the pasture with your pal. I know you two are just encouraging your mom; tell her she needs to take a break this weekend.
    Have a great evening and I'm hopeful you'll be without 'puter problems.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  10. What great supervisors! I am sure it was very helpful!

    Have a great night, Lee and Phod

  11. Your mom is so lucky to have such great supervisors, not to mention such fun and beautiful ones! Make sure she doesn't overdo though.

    Best of luck with computer issues, my fingers are crossed for you!

  12. Oh gosh - we hope you can save your computer!

    Good thing you were, um, helping out there!


  13. Looks like you had nice weather for your outdoor work. :)

    Hope you get your computer issues resolved.

  14. Your pups always put a smile on my face. :)
    I hope your computer doesn't crash!

  15. Paws on deck and paws in the air! Shake it all about! Haha!!!

    I'm just being silly.


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