Monday, November 19

Did someone say W.A.T.E.R???


We learned early that we had a water dog 
and we were going to need  a bigger pool.

So we moved to Hawaii :)
When we lived on Molokai this was the largest pool I could find.
She would use this on non-beach days--poor thing!

We would hike to the beach almost every weekend.
The Girlz loved going to the beach...
Well, Gracie loved the beach, Schatzie loved the water.

 Notice the beach behind Schatzie...we had it all to 
ourselves nearly every time we hiked here.

 If you look closely Schatzie is out "snorkeling" with my hubby.

 The Duo....waiting to watch the sunset. 

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  1. oops, i have not been 24 hours yet, so will do it later, just tried and it said already voted. i have senior memory and can't remember what time it was yesterday. i did a reminder and will do it later today
    this post is so cool, I love seeing both of them at the beach. so happy and full of joy. with that fur coat S has, she needs cooling off.

  2. Voting again today. I think she like the water as much as I like sticks.

  3. Water is SO much fun! Enjoy! Will vote right away!

  4. That shot of her in the small pool - funny!

  5. Looks like Schatzie really love the water!!I love her int he small pool, where theres a will theres a way!

  6. Umm...I haz to talk to mom about this...I loves water too, why are we not in Hawiee????? Beautiful beach pics btw!!

  7. OMD, I didn't know that you guys lived in Hawaii, whoa, that's pawesome!! Must have been really warm and nice! :-D I'm definitely not a water dog, I mean, I can swim, but I don't like to...too much like a bath if you ask me! ;-)

  8. I've already voted today. :) What beautiful pics from when you lived in Hawaii! I luaghed so hard at Schatzie in that pool! LOL!

  9. Our Shepherd is the same, loves the water. We are getting a pool next year, wonder if we will be able to keep him out!

  10. big difference from the snow photos....

  11. how did you get from Hawaii to Nebraska??? What a difference between the two! I grew up with German Shepherds...we always had two growing up. My Dad traveled alot and we had them for protection. I just loved our Shepherds and just looking at yours brings back such great memories!! The pool is a little bit on the small side!! :) Thanks for mailing the package, we can't wait to get it!!

  12. You look so cute in the pool, Schatzie !! I love reading your story !

    I'm voting again today!


  13. Great shots all! Going form a beach in Hawaii to a small plastic pool? That's just cruel and inhumane! LOL


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