Saturday, November 17

Calendar Girl?????(update)

Mom has entered this photo of Schatzie in the 
 Dogs of Blogville  2013 Calendar Contest 
over at 

It's a fundraiser for some dogs here on Blogville that need a little help.
You can read about them by clicking on their names.

 they are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

dealing with a rabies vaccination gone wrong 

So, until next saturday you can go over to Heart Like a Dog
and cast your vote for one dog (Schatzie:) every 24 hours ,one vote  per IP address.

You will be able to purchase one(or more:) of the calendars once voting is completed to provide assistance to the dogs mentioned above-- how cool is that!!

The top 13 vote getting dogs will be included in the 
2013 Dogs of Blogville Calendar
the dog with the most votes gets to be the COVER DOG!!

Now, it's really easy just hop over to Heart Like a Dog Calendar Contest and vote!!

Really, go vote...have you every seen a dog calendar without a German Shepherd????

Vote for Schatzie :)

Thanks to Jodi at Heart like a Dog for having a heart as big as the MOON!!

Tell your family and friends.

Gracie :)

I understand some of you have been having difficulty casting your vote. 
The Blog Admin. says that you may need to use a different browser. 
Please note that you can only vote 1 time per 24 hour time period and 1 vote per IP address.
ie. if you voted yesterday at 3 p.m. you can't vote again til 3 p.m. today.

Thanks again and keep voting for your favorite dog photo :)


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  1. We voted. Looks like she has a commanding lead.

  2. We voted! What a wonderful, caring, idea!

  3. We voted! Good luck to you!!

  4. Oh, yeowzers! What a great shot! You look BEAUTIFUL, Schatzie!
    Play bows,

  5. Schatzie is a beuatiful dog and what a wonderful post. Thank you for such a caring heart. I'll check out the links now.

  6. It sounds like a great contest!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  7. Love this photo and going right now to cast my vote!!!!
    Hugs and Happy Weekend.

  8. Hi Val,

    Thanks for promoting this contest. I just wanted to let you know it's actually the top 13 dogs that make the calendar because the top vote getter is on the cover. :-)

    As for the voting issues I checked the options on the poll and it looks like it is set up properly. I apologize for any inconvenience to your friends who are voting. Someone suggested a different browser and I know that some blogs work better for me in IE than they do in Mozzilla. Just a thought, maybe you can mention it.

    Best of luck in the contest, right now you're kicking butt!

  9. We voted!!! You must have this framed on the wall somewhere in your home!
    Such a beautiful photo of her!

  10. This is the greatest fundraiser ever!! I hope that they are able to make lots and lots of money!! I was just telling my friends over at All Things Collie, I have at least three friends in this I will vote for you all (just one day at a time)! You all deserve it!!

  11. That is one beautiful dog! Great shot! I hope she wins!

  12. What a beautiful photo! I had my person click with her thumbs (because I don't have any) - we voted for you!


  13. Beautiful photo!!! We voted!!! Good luck!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  14. we voted to... of course here MUST be a German Shepherd in every dog calendar.. beautiful photo, and i enjoyed the scary snow man story.


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