Monday, November 5

Another package....

Last friday another package arrived ( I am a lucky dog:) 
This time the package was from Florida and that meant it was  from GRAMMA!!!! 
My gramma always sends the BEST stuff and 

I knew she read this post about my empty treat jar...

I carefully tore into the box....

Wonder what Gramma sent us this time...

There's something green and red  in here and it's soft, 
must be a new stuffie...

 Oh goodie, I got socks,
I suppose they're suppose to go with my new boots!!

Gracie those socks aren't for you....gramma sent them for me!!

 Thank Dog, I just can't wear these!!
Maybe if I close my eyes they'll go away.
Mom, where are my TREATS??

Gracie I put the treats gramma sent you in your treat jar, 
now what do you tell your Gramma???

Thanks Gramma!!



  1. Oh your Grandma is the BEST! Hehhehe love the socks. But I am afraid it has given my MOM ideas. Happy to hear that your treat jar is full, and with a little luck it won't stay that way for long.

  2. Yay for a full treat jar! You wear those socks well.

  3. GRAMMA is the best! Love those socks too :)

  4. Aw!! Your Grandma is awesome Gracie!! :-D Socks and treats? What a fantastic package! Enjoy the nummies!!

  5. Ha-ha! I think the socks look fabulous on you!!

  6. In that next to the last photo, Gracie looks like she could use a
    big hug! :)

  7. you look adorable in those socks, a tad on the large size, but they will look great on mommy. you have a wonderful grandma. you open presents the way i used to.

  8. Lol - those socks look quite lovely on you!

    Thank you grandma!

  9. BOL! Socks isn't for wearing! They're for nomming on and stealing from our peeps! I hide them under the bed...muwhahahahaha!

  10. You look darn cute in the socks, Gracie! (My dog is the same - assumes EVERY package must be for her. They usually are, but still...)

  11. LOL! They don't like the boots but they will lounge around in socks? I think there's a woman joke in htere some where. :~)

  12. Those are great! Happy Tuesday. Lee and Phod

  13. Those socks are so stylish on you!


  14. Treats are definitely better than socks or BOOTS! Dogs aren't supposed to wear boots. Tell your mom I said that. :-)

  15. Oh Gracie! You just have the best Gramma ever!! The socks look lovely on you but, I think they would fair better on your Momma! Glad to hear you got some treats for that empty jar! :)

  16. You look awesome in those socks! I think that maybe Gramma meant them for you, Gracie!

  17. Woof! Woof! PAWSOME. LOVE the red one. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


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