Saturday, September 15

Cuteness Alert......

Now you all know that Schatzie and I are pretty cute...but mom found these guys a few days ago and they are really cute and they will have important jobs in their futures

These pups are future Canine Companions for Independence!!
So head over and meet Taya and her 8 beautiful yellow bundles of fur.
Meet mom and her PUPPIES

and if that wasn't cute enough click  Watch the Puppies to check out the Puppy Cam......all that's missing is the puppy breath!!

oh and one other thing....

remember that dog (Lucky) that was rescued from the mountains in Colorado a few weeks ago??? Well, the amazing  group(called the Brothers of Lucky Rescue) that performed the heroic rescue is going to be on the Ellen Degeneres Show this coming  Monday, September 17. Check your local listings for time!!
I looking forward to "meeting" these brave souls that saved Lucky's life. Hope you will tune in as well.

That's all from here today, we enjoyed the beautiful fall day and yes, we did BREATHE!!!



  1. love those photos....yall are beautiful...

  2. your two portraits today took my breath away, both are just spectacular and awesome.

  3. There really is not much sweeter than puppies--It gives me puppy-fever, that's for sure!!

    I love Ellen and always record it, I'll have to be sure to watch on Monday!

    I hope you're doing well, and have had a good weekend!!

  4. Awwe! Thanks for the puppy fix! I'll have to try and catch Ellen today as I would love to see these wonderful heroes! I love the pics of Schatzie and Gracie.....and Val thanks for leaving the comment and info about Schatzie. I do remember reading about it in one of your earlier posts. I feel so bad for Freddie that he can't play. I just hope that with his restricted diet, glucosamine and limited exercise I still have many good years with him. He's at the vets right now. I'm just waiting for the call. :)

  5. Hi there, Oh you two are simply adorable; your mom is soooo lucky! You probably didn't know but I volunteered at CCI, the National Headquarters about 14 yrs ago...loved it! Wanted to get a breeder dog but then I went back to work full time. I saw Lucky on the news last night and so glad the previous owner gave him to one of the rescuers, I still don't get how he could have left Lucky there(I would have died with my dog). I will watch for Ellen's show. Now I'm going over to get a lab fix from the site you shared. Have a wonderful evening my dear friend.
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter


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