Sunday, September 9

Combination windows and a few HBO words....

Let me begin by stating that I am a dog,  princess and I do not do windows nor do I ever intend to do windows. Besides I can't do windows....I don't have thumbs!!

Here's the scoop on the mom's windows washing adventure on saturday. We live in a little old farm house that was built in the 50's and has these not so lovely combination windows. Our house was hit by a tornado 8 years ago and 1/2 of the windows were damaged and then  replaced by the previous owner. The remaining 9 windows are on our future project list. Now any of you readers that grew up in the 60-70's know that most houses had these horrible windows. Mom says if she every runs in to the man who invented these knuckle bruising , finger crushing stress inducing windows she's going make him wash the 9 remaining windows in our house. She says she knows it was a man, cuz a women would have NEVER thought of such a STUPID design for a window.

It's a process to wash those 9 combination windows that are 50- 60 years old--you need to be inside and outside and sometimes inside and outside at the same time.This is also the time when 87,000 flys enter your house because the windows are open!!   You've gotta take  screens out (where the knuckle bruising comes in ) take the top window out, then the bottom window...wash inside and out of two sets of windows and clean a screen then you've gotta put it all back together....bottom glass first, top glass,(insert pinching of fingers here) and finally replace the screen.  Throw in a few HBO words here and there and 3 hours later, mom finally  had 9 combination windows clean. As for the the remaining  8 double hung windows --it took  her approximately 45 minutes to do them !! By the way they were all done from within the house.
**NO HBO words were used during the final 45 minutes of window washing :)

Fortunately mom only washes all these windows twice a year (and yes they need it both times :) she's hoping that the remaining combination windows can be replaced before she dies.....

Anybody else have to deal with these type of windows????  I'm sure there's a least one of you that can relate to my mom's window pain.... 

Somedays it's good to be the dog!!

love, Gracie


  1. washing windows? what's that?! i clean the ones from about 2 feet down that are (ahem) full of doggie slobber. the rest? meh...

    HBO words. love that!

  2. My MOM was just thinking the other day that she needed to wash the windows. Oh sure she does it to the windshield of the car every other day (don't know why hehhehhe). But after looking at the job she decided to take me for a walk instead. Yes indeed it is good to be a dog. (our house is old too and MOM says she knows what you mean.

  3. Hehehe, Domeek bought the house last October and hasn't even mentioned the windows once! ;-) I've just started decorating the front window though with slobber and paw we'll see how long it takes before she has to deal with your window situation!

  4. before i got OLD i washed our windows twice a year, now i am down to once a year. they need it now and i have those windows that you are talking about. the inside has to be done then the outside, and no hope of ours being replaced. they were replaced in 1989 and have to do until death do us part. hubby is not help, because he thinks they are fine the way they are. i do clean the slidig glass door monthly for the same reason Tex cleans hers, slobber marks on the glass inside and out from your twin sister Gracie, that lives with us. she can't do window either. i wish i was a dog toooooo

  5. I'd say for you every day is a good day to be a dog, I mean Princess. :)
    I don't really do windows, just where the doggies leave their slobber. :)

  6. Val, I'd come help you if I could-wish you were closer(even though one state away isn't too far). Hopefully the windows are high enough that Gracie can't get nose prints on them. Have a good day today.
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

  7. I'm a bad cleaner, I only ever did the insides! ;-)


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