Thursday, August 23

about that Pawty...

Here are some photos of our pawty for Poppy.
Mom made us get up early for our walk and breakfast so we would be ready to tell poppy 

 We dawned (mom made us wear them) our Happy Birthday tiaras and we greeted him when woke up,
 he smiled and giggled a bit--maybe cuz we looked rather silly in these stupid tiaras.

We sang and danced. 

We gave poppy his big bag of presents from US,
 we did our best to assist him in checking out the bag of loot.

Guess what he found in the bottom of the bag....our most favorite things---BIG BONES!!
Wonder how those got in his birthday bag???  BOL
Best part...Poppy said he didn't care for those big bones and said WE COULD HAVE THEM!!

Yes, it was the BEST party EVER.

 We helped mom make this yummy ice cream cake.

MOM's Nutter Butter -Butterfinger Ice Cream Cake
here's what's in it--just in case you want to make one for a pawty.

Crust: 3/4 pkg of Nutter butter cookies

mom says put them in the freezer overnight and then crush them in your blender/food processor (says it doesn't get all clumpy that way)
1/4 cup of melted butter or margarine
Mix crushed cookies and butter and pat into bottom of spring form pan.
Freeze til solid.
*** Oreo cookies is another option for the crust. 

2nd Layer
Place one small jar of chocolate ice cream topping on frozen cookie layer--return to freezer.
**again you can adjust the ice cream topping to match your flavors.

Ice Cream Layer--now you could just soften whatever flavor ice cream you like or mom mixes her own....
1/2 gallon of vanilla ice cream and 3 large butter finger candy bars crushed (again freeze before crushing)
Mix ice cream and crushed butterfingers  til soft, and layer onto ice cream topping layer. Freeze.

topping--- save a bit of  crushed cookies and chocolate sauce and layer it on top.

Lots of different combinations of flavors to make--some of our favorites are:
mint chocolate chip/ oreo
raspberry/ oreos
peppermint/ oreo

Mom's blogging friend Sweet Marie posted this yummy puppy treat on her blog, so mom made some for us to eat at poppy's pawty since we can't have chocolate....
It's yogurt, peanut butter and honey!!

Let's just say I couldn't get enough of it and I give it my PAW of approval--
 Thanks Sweet Marie :)
I can hardly wait til Poppy turns 357!!  

That's all for today...

gracie :)


  1. That looks like a super pawty and I don't think you look silly....much. And how cool is it that you got big bones!!

  2. Your Poppy's pawty sounds like it was wonderful! How great is that that he shared his birthday bones with you guys! LOL! :)

  3. looks like poppy had plenty of canine assistance in opening his presents, and baby and Jake love those big bones, they last a looooong time to.

  4. You guys look like you had a wonderful time! And those treats look so delicious!!

  5. That looks like a spectacular party! How much fun!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  6. My husband wants me to make that cake! It sounds and looks so good! I'm so glad your hubby had a wonderful celebration! I thought your pups would like those treats! :) My pups love those bones...I should go buy some.:) Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Val, Happy Belated Birthday to your man. Loved seeing him open his presents with the pups. Have a great evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  8. Wow yall are sweet...I need to have a talk with my boys they didn't do all that for my 50th birthday...

  9. BOL? LOL!!

    Ice cream cake, now I'm hungry!

  10. I think I would smile and giggle too if I was greeted by you!


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