Monday, July 23

Gotta love a seal pup...

In my previous post I told you I observed a mom monk seal and her pup on my visit to Kalaupapa.
Despite all the physical suffering and hopelessness of those suffering from Hansen's Disease at Kalaupapa, the beaches have become a perfect nursery area for the critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal. 
I sat in amazement watching the tender moments between this 400lb mom and her one week old pup. At the time of birth this young one weighed approximately 30lbs. and in 6 short weeks he will tip the scale somewhere between 150 -200 lbs. Jet black at birth, his fur will change to a beautiful silvery color at the time of his weaning.  During my visit I observed 4 swim sessions and 3 feedings. This little seal was very active and mom, well let's just say she was very patient and PROTECTIVE!!

my first view of mom and pup
Such a feisty little bugger....kicking up a flipper!!
he lost mom for a short bit...let out a holler for her
still looking for her
He found did you have a cheeto??
mom, I'd really like some lunch, please mom, please!!
Hey mom, who is this guy??

The seal to the left is known as a "crusier" just hanging out
in hopes of mating with mom.

pup taking a little snooze, while the cruiser continues to prowl in the area.

mom left the pup to deal with the cruiser...

pup wanted to insisted he stay on shore.

Now get up there little one!!! 

okay mom, I'll just play with my flipper

Mom, are you coming back, what about a snack??

Mom did return--pup found a "new toy" a piece of driftwood.

they are very inquisitive
sometimes too, as they get caught in beach debris causing injury or death
One of the reasons it is so important to keep the beaches clean.

When I left...a feeding session
notice the cruiser was still hanging around.

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  1. That is just incredible! And you know I LOVE a pup with a stick.

  2. my heart is melting from joy seeing these beautiful seals. that baby is beyond adorable.

  3. What a great series of shots. I think it would be great to see these in person.

    1. thanks's a great experience. Not many are seen on Maui, so I guess you'll have to pop over to Molokai

  4. Hi there Val,
    Thank you so much for sharing all your beautiful photographs of your trip to Kalaupapa. What an extraordinary place! I loved your time with the seal mom and her pup, as well as your walks through the forests. Beautiful, really beautiful.
    With love

  5. Wow, that was a stupendous series of photos. Mom and her pup are amazing. Imagine how much energy mom will expend until weaning helping her pup gain so much weight!

    I loved the "playing with my flipper" photo!

  6. Val, I'm not sure how I missed this but glad to see it today. Makes me day so much brighter already. You are a very talented photographer Val. What joy is being out there watching the mom & pups.
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. I've never met a seal pup, nor its extended family.

    Perhaps one day.

    I bet you enjoyed your encounter. Especially nice!


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