Monday, June 25

Summer half over....

They harvested the wheat crop south of our place 10 days ago.  I remember a farmer once telling me that farmers(in these parts) felt that the summer was half over once the wheat crop was out....hmmmm, the 16th of June and the summer is half over! Didn't summer just begin on June 20th??

Another "Farmer Date" is July 4th in which if your corn is knee high by the 4th of July
 it's going to be GOOD!!
 So what's it going to be like if it's above my head (I'm 5.7) on the 25th of June???

Tasseling already....ears will be setting on soon.

Look, I'm outstanding in my field......

Lastly, my bluebirds have been busy...we're waiting for the hatching of the second brood,
 it should be any day!!
Someone must have forgotten to tell Mrs. Bluebird she suppose to have less eggs on the 2nd brood of the season...yes, you see 6 eggs, must be those yummy meal worms.


  1. combines in the fields reminds me of home (wisconsin). :) it is a bit early, for sure.

  2. My corn is knee high, well human knee it is as tall as me when I sit down. Can't wait for it to be ready to pick.

  3. ummmm don't look now, but there is a beautiful dog in your corn... love those tassels. my mother made creamed corn by slicing the corn off the cob, now i want some

  4. Yeah, somehow I don't think that's the right way to gauge summer. haha! I don't know what it is but I just love watching combines and tractors out in farmers fields. I just think it's such a beautiful sight! Great pictures!

  5. So since they still have about three months of growing time, can they re-plant the wheat?

  6. "outstanding in your field", that's a little "corny" isn't it? LOL

    Great shot of the eggs!

  7. Cool pics! How exciting! More blue birds!


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