Thursday, May 3

Where's Gracie......

Since Molly's departure the girlz have been given back some of their not having to be held up in the fenced in front yard. They are now free to roam about the ranch. Sunday afternoon I opened the backdoor and yelled for Gracie and saw her in the distance sitting under the big old cottonwood tree. 
Can you see her in sitting between the trees?

How about now?

What are you doing Gracie??
Oh mom, I'm just sitting here watching the world go by....

Every time I let the girlz out they head directly to the cottonwood trees and just sit there  looking up.
Well.... I finally figured out why the girlz have been "camped out" beneath these trees

Can you see the little critter?

Not the best photo as it was nearing dark....

The girlz have been tree sitting this little raccoon!!
No need to worry, he's about 15 feet up in the tree--
but I do worry about my sweet corn that is planted in the garden  nearby.


  1. jake was attacked by a pregnant raccoon, so watch your girls. they fought like tigers and bob finally broke them up and threw the racoon over the privacy fence, she came back up over the fence and attacked again, so bob had to kill her. i almost had a cow while it was all going on. gracie is so very beautiful.

  2. oh my gosh! my dogs would be camped out under that tree too!

  3. Hi, AWWWWW. What a cutie! Loved seeing Gracie just waiting patiently.
    Sending lots of love to you today.

  4. MOM and I have coons in our trees and even a big old bush. When MOM can't find me she can usually look out the front window and see my back legs and butt sticking out of that huge evergreen bush. Dog those things are MEAN. the raccoon not the bush. But the pictures of her under the trees are great. Be careful.

  5. I can see why she is camped out...nice photos...

  6. I'm sure my pups would be hanging out there too! We just had that one raccoon that visited. He just took a nap and got up came down just enough to look at us and went on his merry way. :)

  7. You get some of the best shots! It must be so nice to share your property with all this wildlife! Adorable! And so is Gracie! :-)

  8. That's exactly where my dogs would be too except they would be barking and barking and barking...


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