Friday, April 27

Our week....

Our week consisted of Gracie finding a turtle, hubby running that backhoe again,  Schatzie checking out the new improved swimming hole, 5 blue bird eggs, a big stick, and  who knows what Gracie was looking at....

It was a busy week, the garden is all in, 6 trees transplanted, berry bushes planted~~now it can rain.
Tomorrow, Molly and I take a road trip to check out a possible "furever" home for for me, I think it might be a day of tears...both happy and sad!!
Have a great weekend everyone...


  1. What a productive week you've had! Love all the pictures and am happy/sad to hear about Molly!

  2. oh dear! i could never part with one! that's why i don't foster!

  3. I'm with Theresa. I could never part with one! I hope all works out for Molly!

  4. me thinks Gracie found a critter hole or maybe a small critter or bug


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