Friday, April 6

Metal Scrap Yard Trip...

Yesterday was a first for me as I was able to tag along with the boys to the metal scrapyard!! I can now proudly cross that event off my bucket list :)
A little history about the reason for the trip to the scrap yard. You see, in May of 2004 a F4 tornado went thru our property (we don't own it then, but our friend did) Experts say that there were at least 2 massive tornadoes with several smaller ones inside the huge cell. These tornadoes were on the ground for 52 miles and cut a swath of destruction almost 2.5 miles wide. Our property took a direct hit, destroying all the out buildings, leaving our little stone house with severe damage, but it was standing.  At the time of the tornado our property was all grass and pasture land. Our friend (owner of the property at that time) spent years picking up debris from the storm.

Last spring we decided to farm a portion of the property and in this neck of the woods they are able to do control burns to rid the land of the grass. With all the grass burned off it revealed another chapter in the tornado story. Before the crop went in last year we spent hours picking up more debris, including, wood, roofing metal, toys, frying pans, pots, a bag full of snakes :(  You name it we found it. It was sad  knowing  that all these items were once part of someones life and now it was piled up in a heap here on the ranch.

Yesterday the boys loaded up the trailer and away we went with our "tornado junk". 
The following photos are how I saw it....The ScrapYard Trip!
The Capitol Building in Lincoln
yes, even a kitchen sink!!

Mass of wire

mattress springs

removing copper wiring

Hubby doing what he loves...

the heap

old tire and rim
 Following photos taken at the Metal ScrapYard
the claw

adding to the metal pile

old and forgotten
working hands

wanting for the pay out...

another load headed to the pile

payout in hand

for a job well done....

Once we returned home the boys headed back out in search of more treasure


  1. i love the bandaid shot and the mass of wire and the tire.. cool shots, wish i had been there to. and of course hubby was doing the MAN thing.

  2. many, many years ago, i used to ride along with my father in his old ford pickup truck - first to load the junk from someone's place, then to the metal weigh station for payout. :)

  3. Wow, I had no idea one could make so much money from scrap metal-it explains why someone I know it collecting. We had an F4 here four yrs ago but we didn't have the damage that your farm/land did. Thanks for sharing; I bet the guys really enjoyed themselves.
    Happy Easter.

  4. Wow! It was almost like a treasure hunt for Easter! Have a Happy Easter!

  5. It looks like a lot of work to me. Did you at least make $5 an hour out of that check? LOL

  6. that's up the land and making a few bucks! We have peopl driving around on trash nights picking any metal or electronics. very smart!


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