Tuesday, February 21

The Traveling Bone...

We headed out earlier for our walk. The snow is melting and the temperatures are hovering around freezing, with that combination we have to get our earlier to beat the mud. Gracie was tickled pink as she finally  found the "lost" bone. It has been buried under the snow for 2 weeks and now, there it was peaking out of the little mound of snow. She grabbed it and pranced her way down the trail. Unfortunately, I didn't think about snapping a photo of her until later as the story developed.  She trotted about 100 yards dropped the bone, did a quick chew, picked it up again and the cycle was repeated several times until she finally got a whiff of something in the tall grass. Thank goodness it was not a skunk--think it was a mouse.
Anyhow, we are now on lap 4 of our morning trek and Schatzie decided to pick the bone up, carry it 100 yards, drop and chew it, cycle repeated.....as you will see in the photos Molly joined in on the action too.
Who know one one bone could give 3 dogs so much joy!!
Good morning from Nebraska
Schatzie picks up where Gracie left off...
dashing through the snow...
the hand off....or is that a mouth off?!?!!
Molly's turn

I'm going to leave it right here....(notice paw on top of bone :)

until tomorrow...


  1. to funny, and around here we have the same thing, but no bones, just sticks. what kind of little camera did you get

  2. too cute! my 4 take turns on 'found' bones around here, too. :)

  3. What a beautiful sunrise! Isn't it nice your girlz know how to share! :)

  4. Getting out early gives you the most amazing sunrise views!! That's gorgeous.

    I love the "bone" game. Our dogs do that with sticks at this time of year. Most sticks are buried under feet of snow so they play with the same sticks on our walks, day after day.

    What a pair of cuties!

  5. so cute! such nice sharing...they love each other! :)


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