Sunday, February 12

Pete the Possum lives....

well not exactly, but the story continues.
For the past  three days this crazy possum has been apart of our life, so I decided he needed a name---he will now be referred to as "Pete"  I really wish I would have done something with Pete yesterday, but nooooo!!  This morning on our walk, Pete was still (and I mean still) in the spot that we left him yesterday.  I was hoping that maybe the cycle of life would come full circle and Pete would become food for one of the passing coyotes. Unfortunately that did not happen.
Rewinding the story just a bit...before the girlz and I headed out this a.m. (it takes a few moments to get ready as Molly has to have the following equipment --one harness, one red collar with id and a jingle bell, one 20 ft lead and her orange reflective vest.Oh, and then there's me--snow pants, hat,gloves, camera, and snowshoes!! Good grief, no wonder I'm exhausted before we even get out the door.We were finally ready to tackle the morning adventure.  I  read my blogger friend Kim's post yesterday click here to check out her life with senior Golden Retriever rescues and a funny little terrier named Todd. Anyhow, Kim stated that she had been having some problems with her "pups" and decided to talk to them about it---after all that would change their behavior right! So I thought, yes...if it works for Kim, it's gotta work for me. Before heading out the door I told the girlz that they needed to stay with the pack, no finding wild critters and most importantly listen to ME... You know where this is going don't ya?!?!?  
Off we go and I was rather pleased as Molly was walking right along side of me and the other two were also behaving....I dropped Molly's lead and she didn't take off with lightening speed, she trotted along side. I must say I was pretty pleased with my little pep talk. Ya, my girlz are behaving and listening to me. Well that's when it all went haywire. Ya, you knew it was going to happen didn't ya???
Gracie arrived at Pete's resting spot first. She however, wanted nothing to do with him, Schatzie did the same thing, now it was Molly's turn....she gave old Pete a good sniff, picked him up by the tail and away she went. She headed east over the bean stubble happy as any old lab could be with a prize locked in her jaws. Now I am figuring I will have to play chase the yellow lab to get Pete away from her. I decided to let her be and the other two and I continued on with our walk. I wanted to take a couple of shots of the barking snow mound (BSM) to share with you. Once at the BSM, I snapped a few pictures and then turned to find Molly at my feet. She had returned to me without Pete!! How cool was that!!( you weren't expecting that one were you??) I didn't have to chase the yellow lab. We returned to the house and I went over to the area where I had last seen Molly with Pete. I could see her tracks....but NO Pete!! Good grief, what had  she done with him. She wasn't gone long enough to have devoured him, plus he was frozen solid. Well with the help of my other two super sleuths  we found poor Pete buried in the snow. Guess Molly was just giving Pete her version of a burial.
Once again, I find myself giggling and shaking my head...what a life we have here on the ranch.

Note to self...give Pete a proper burial tomorrow!

 The pickup...

 The  lab dash...

 needed a rest...long way to the drop off point

 Scene of the original crime....the barking snow mound

 inside the BSM

Finally...Molly's resting spot for Pete.


  1. i am laughing that she buried him! that's something my dogs WOULDN'T do. :)

  2. i was so happy to read this story, i had spent the night fretting over you might have encountered the dreaded skunk. this one is happy and made me laugh and shake my head just like you did. NOTE to yourself... bury that possum before the temps let it melt OR you might have one or more dogs rolling in the left over sneaky mess, not that that would EVER happen

  3. Wow...she actually buried him! I would bury him really well so that there are no more visits with Pete. :) He may be a bit stinky next time...THH!

  4. Hi there, Just came by after seeing your name at Bert's place and so glad I did. I see you are also friends with Kim and her gang-so I guess that makes us friends. I'm going to follow you because I have enjoyed this story and I want to get in on your adventures plus figure out which dog is which. I think Gracie is your lab?
    Have a great week.

  5. How nice of Molly to give Pete a burial! BOL!!


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