Wednesday, February 22

Mud, Mud, MUD....

It's the season between winter & spring!!! 

Cuz, we got mud on our bellies
Mud on our noses
a muddy front yard

Muddy paw prints, that end up in the house :(
a shepherd that takes her own bath  after getting all muddy:)
Such a Good DOG!!
and when you see lots of flying V's 
and 100's  of Red Wing Black Birds in the cottonwood trees

you know it's the MUD season and spring comes next!!  Yahoo :)


  1. Ick! I hate mud season. I had to laugh, your dogs look just like mine when they go out. How great it would be to have them take their own bath! We got more snow overnight so the mud is covered once again. Yippee! Great pictures of the birds!

  2. yahoo on all these picks, i like the brid writing in the sky. and i have paw prints on my kitchen floor just like these, 8 of them

  3. LOVE the shot of the flyover!!! wow!

    and i was just looking at my floor this morning, admiring the pounds of silt my 4 have dragged in on wet paws and fur...

  4. I had mud tracks on my tile until yesterday. It's so worth it though. :) I love the! Great pics!

  5. it is amazing how much they can track in this time of year...keeps the vacuum cleaners working over tim...


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