Sunday, December 30

Happy Gotcha Day...

I have spent most of Sunday on the sofa with a pounding headache, coughing like a smoker (and I don't smoke) and just moaning. I seem to have been caught by the mean old bug that's hovering around and making people feel awful.   I managed to drag myself to the computer so that I make my final post of 2012.

It's a special day in our household. Six years ago my hubby and I ventured to South Dakota in an ice storm to pick up our Schatzie from the rescue.  She was approximately 11 weeks old, a breeder surrender and scared to death of everything. My hubby had to climb into the crate to get her to come out. It took her three days just to make eye contact with us. Fortunately she had a good big sister that taught her the ropes and brought her out of her shell.  Today she is the front line in our  Homeland Security System, the dog that is always in the lead, very gentle with all her toys, makes sure her sister behaves (full time job:) our big goof ball and just a real sweetheart.

Val :)

Happy Gotcha Day Schatzie

 photos from 2012

Black and White Sunday...

My Life in Blog Years

Friday, December 28

Who gives a HOOT??!!

A little something different today.  A couple days  before Christmas as I was taking the girlz for their walk
(approximately 9-10 a.m.) we encountered this fellow. We were unaware that he was perched in a cedar tree and as we walked by he swooped down just a foot or so above our heads.  It was fun to watch him glide in front of us and then effortlessly ascend to take his spot in this tree.  I only wish he would have been facing the camera when I took this shot. 
 Nature is so cool.

Look at his talons. WOW!!

***Any of my birder friends know what sort of Hooter this might be???

Thursday, December 27

The Final Gift...pajamas???

You know how you got pajamas for
 Christmas when you were a child!?!??!?! 

 Mom, I can't find the toy or the treats, just this red thing!!
That's your gift Gracie
But, mom it doesn't smell good or squeak---you must have made a mistake!!
No, Gracie that's for you

 Since my peeps don't have any skin kids, me and Schatzie are their kids. This Christmas my mom got this hair brained idea to get us (no, we didn't get pajamas--Thank DOG!!)  these character bath towels.

 Schatzie got the frog....

 the green does look quite nice on her don't ya agree???

 me, I got the big red dog... I personally think I look  like a lady bug!!

 Can you believe this madness....

 Mom, where are my  treats!!!

Gracie :)

P.S. Happy Birthday Gramma!!

Wednesday, December 26

Gifts from Santa Paws Pals...

Way back when we submitted our names to be part of the Blogville Christmas Gift exchange organized by our friend Jazzi. Well, we were not disappointed in the least....this was the best Christmas EVER!!
Now, we wanted to show you what our fabulous Santa Paws Pals sent us for Christmas...
Our  gifts arrived earlier in December, but  mom made us wait til Christmas to open these wonderful gifts.

Here let me show you.

was my Santa Pal and let me tell ya that girl knows how to shop and got all the things I just love.

 Look how pretty they were wrapped. 
Come on mom take the photo so I can get to it...

 This one smelled really yummy, I could hardly wait to dive into it...

Here's Schatzie and her pressies from her Santa Pal Joules over 
at Fear The Beards (don't ya love that  Blog name:) 
Oh, and they did some fine shopping too.

 I let Schatzie open one first....look she got a cute polar bear and a penguin 
and they SQUEAK!!!!  
She is so gentle with all of her toys( even with those big teeth)--unlike another dog who will remain nameless.

 I opened this one first, my nose told me it was something really  yummy and it was
it was little tiny grilled sirloin burgers

 I could have eaten the entire bag in fact that's what I wanted to do, but NO!!!

 Poppy said I had to share with Schatzie, I wasn't go keen on the
 idea but went along with his wishes.

 Schatzie got to open her bag of noms,
check out her tongue :)  Joules said they came from a special 
Pet Boutique and the chef packages them in this cute little cotton bag.  

 We like that---an environmentally friendly boutique :) 
They are delicious. 

 I got another bag of noms...oh that Daisy really knows what I like.

 Schatzie got this cute pink pig....I really liked it too, in fact I broke the squeaker by loving on it so much. Mom says it needs to go to the pig hospital for a repair. Did I mention that I love squeakers??
I feel kinda bad since it was Schatzie's toy, but I let her love on one of my special toys.

 Now this is a toy to die has like 87 squeakers, yes 87!!
(oh joy, joy,joy :)

 It has to be my all time favorite toy.
Schatzie really likes this toy too, This is the toy I let her play with while I'm napping.
See I am nice to my sister!!

 Here's Schatzie and her cute little pig(before the hospital visit) ]
and card from Joules and mom Amie.

 Here's my card from Daisy Mae and her mom.

Now I know some of you think that my sister is a PERFECT angel, well I am here to tell ya she's not!!
Look what she did~~~she tried to open one of her gifts before Christmas and mom caught her.
Yep, these are the noms from that special boutique. 
Fortunately Joules mom was smart and double wrapped them.  Haha schatzie!!

 Okay, I've gotta take a nap~~all these new toys have tuckered me out. 
See you tomorrow when more pressies are revealed.

We would like to give a big THANK YOU to our Santa Paws Pals,
Miss Daisy and Joules for the wonderful Christmas gifts. We love them all!!

Gracie and Schatzie

Tuesday, December 25

Gramma Rocks....

My gramma ROCKS, look what she sent us me for Christmas.  It's the biggest sock monkey she could find. My gramma and aunty Brenda braved the crazy crowds on Black Friday and got me this monkey. I am so thrilled. Oh heck,  I didn't even know that I wanted or needed a giant sock monkey, but I got one now.
I'll tell ya more about all of our pressies tomorrow and believe me, we got a lot of stuff. 
Guess Schatzie and I were really good dogs!!

P.S. did anybody else get a giant sock monkey from their gramma???


Framing Beautiful 

Monday, December 24

Saturday, December 22

Dashing thru the Snow...

Schatzie dashing thru the snow and corn stalks

 and Gracie grabs some vitamin C (rose hips)
don't worry they're safe and provide
 more vitamin C than an orange!!
Smart dog~~she never gets a cold :)

Framing Beautiful 

Friday, December 21

Zoom, Zoom,Zoom

Framing Beautiful

***yes, Gracie does have a coat on***

Thursday, December 20

309 days....

 Joy in the morning

Framing Beautiful

We hadn't had any measurable snow in 309 days. It was so nice to see snow began to fall yesterday afternoon.  We didn't receive the "big snow" as they were predicting, but we did get snow. The wind is howling and it's bitter cold outside today. I am grateful for that I didn't have to go to work today and can enjoy snuggling with the girlz.
The next few days will be more relaxed--no more parties to attend or baking to do...a couple packages to be mailed (I know they're going to be late) but that's okay. I think the recipients will forgive us!!
Happy Thursday Everyone!!

Sunday, December 16


They're back 

 and they've brought reinforcements!!!

Framing Beautiful