Monday, September 5

Hummingbird 411

I had originally planned to post photos of our Labor Day activities, but due to a late developing story I decided to show you a few photos of our hummingbirds. During a brief break from our project I grabbed the camera and headed to the hummingbird feeders. I am trying to get the perfect shot and while I believe I acquired a couple I'm still trying. Anyhow, there were 4 hummers buzzing the feeder as I was snapping away and I noticed that one hummer didn't have any tail feathers. It doesn't seem to impede his flying, however it did appear that the others were "picking" on him/her. I don't know if that is really the case or not since they are so darn fast. I was curious about the situation and contacted a man named Lanny at  He runs a website just about hummers, so I posed the question to him and here is his answer."The hummer has probably lost his tail feathers to a predator, probably a cat. Tail feathers are loosely attached, so the cat probably got a mouth full of feathers and the bird escaped with his life. The feathers will grow back in a couple weeks, and the temporary loss won't impair the bird's life too much." 
So there you have it, a lesson learned about hummingbirds.
Here are a couple of shots of the birds today. I will continue to snap away, who knows maybe tomorrow I'll get that perfect shot. Remember you can double click on the photo for a large image.

taken this morning, tail feathers intake on this hummer.

Here's  the little guy with no tail feathers.

Look at the acrobats, love the one on the feeder

air traffic controller needed...
Val :)


  1. sweet little mini helicopters!

  2. Have you tried using your flash? According to B and B magazine, the flash helps capture the wings and the iridescence of their feathers. Evidently the flash "freezes" the action so you can see the wings better. I still think you should get the big camera out and try some shots. My 3 little ones really like my Husker t-shirt!

  3. Hi! Remington here....thanks for stopping by my blog. Great hummer shots! They are one of our favorties! BTW -- I am going to follow, not around your kitchen....just in Blogland! I hope we can be great friends!

  4. Hi, I will send you to then go to the text tab. You can make a free copyright there. Just play with it you will figure it out. Thats how I learned too. Have fun!


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