Saturday, July 9


New Construction just completed: furnished 1 bedroom duplex, located in rural setting, private yard, sunrise views, beautiful covered porch, well insulated/stays cool, neutral interior color scheme, private pond, 2 meals provided daily and yard cleanup. Room to Run~ What more could 2 dogs ask for~~I mean really!
We finished the dog condo today, well almost, we were 6 shingles short--don't you hate it when you get short shingled!! Ron requested 3 bundles of shingles but the guy at Menards said 2 would cover the condo....well that guy was WRONG!! Oh well, the condo is still ready for it's princesses. Here are some photos.

Ready to do the roof

How's a dog suppose to get any sleep with all this pounding going on???

Gracie sucking up to the builder  :)

Schatzie inside her new digs

The "Princess" and the "Bean" wondering where their topical fruity drinks are...

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