Saturday, July 23

Camera in hand....

I received some exciting news a week or so ago from my blog friend Joan. She is the author of the blog that sponsors a monthly amateur photo contest. Every month she picks a theme and encourages her followers to capture it with their cameras. The theme for June was "circles" In early June I set off to find the shot. I spent an afternoon  at Sunken Gardens, a flower garden in the heart of Lincoln. After enjoying  all the beautiful flowers and ponds, I was leaving the garden I looked up admiring the beautiful intricacies in the metal frame of the gazebo top and there is was my circles shot!! I dropped to my back on the concrete and took the following photo. The exciting part is....drum roll please....My circles shot was the WINNER!!! I don't win any big fancy prizes, but I do get a cool little thing called a "widget" to put on my blog page, and  I think that's pretty cool. If you would like to check her blog it can be found  The theme for July month is "birds" wonder what I will find??

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