Friday, June 3

Swallows on the Homestead.....

On May 19 this barn swallow pair began surveying the Bloy Ranch for their new home. For whatever reason they have decided the area above our large picture window would be the site for their new home. It was fun to watch  as they decided where they should build their new digs. Once that location was determined it was non stop construction....bits of mud, sticks, grass and whatever other building material they could find made it's way to the nest. Rain showers put a damper on the progress, but it was completed in about one week.

Nest Construction Site

Construction of nest

Construction Worker....

Nearing completion

Taking a break from building

Mom, dad ??? bringing in construction materials

For the past week they have just been chattering and flying in and out of the nest area. I decided to take a peek inside the nest yesterday (June 2) and found 2 little brown speckled eggs. So I guess our little swallow pair has decided that they will be starting a family. Incubation period is 2 weeks, so we will now wait to see how many more eggs are laid and the countdown to hatching will begin. I will keep you posted as to their progress......don't forget, you can double click on the photo if you want to see a larger version.

6.3.11~~~3 brown speckled eggs

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