Sunday, June 5's what's for dinner!!

Quite warm here in Nebraska today. Just taking a quick break from planting the remainder of our garden.

The boys went fishing yesterday afternoon, catching around 100 bluegill and bass, some restocked Lance's pond and the other made it to the dinner table.

My sister has given names to our little swallow couple, they will now be referred to as Suzy and Sam~~ cute~!  Speaking of the little couple, I checked the nest this a.m. and we now have egg #5...sure hope she quits soon, cuz that's going to be a very full nest. No picture of them today, momma wasn't too happy about me being near the nest.
Anyhow, need to get back to the garden.....

notice....... 4 legged helpers

couldn't find my electric knife


Gracie ~~ I like fish.....

view from the swing

sunset last nite 6.4.11

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